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Quickbooks Technical Support to Repair Corrupted QuickBooks (QBW) File

24/7 Quickbooks Tech Support for Corrupted QuickBooks (qbw) File @ 1-800-272-4169: Troubleshoot & fix your QuickBooks Point of sale issues by certified technicians.

Quickbooks Technical Support to Repair Corrupted QuickBooks (QBW) File

QuickBooks Error

Quickbooks-Technical-Support-to-Repair-Corrupted-QuickBooks-(qbw)-FileThe QuickBooks company file can get damaged due to various reasons. The file has an extension of QBW and is saved according to the preferences of user. This file contains all the accounting data that users input into QuickBooks.

Apart from this file, a separate configuration file is also created in the same directory. This file saves all the preferences of multiple users that have been created in QuickBooks . Both of these files are important, but as you can guess, the company file is infinitely more important.

How Did the Company File Get Damaged?

There are numerous reasons for the same, most common of them being:

  • QuickBooks crashes unexpectedly
  • Windows shuts down unexpectedly
  • Malicious software

All of these are the root cause of a damage to the company file.

Whenever there is data being saved to QuickBooks company file, the process should not be terminated. Terminating the process while the data is being saved or altered can damage part of the company file.

This can happen only if QuickBooks crashes unexpectedly or your system shuts down. Both of these cases are heavily recorded by our QuickBooks technical assistance team.

How Can Malicious Software Affect the Company File?

There are many different types of malicious software including:

  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Ransomware

Viruses and malware can easily make changes to the structure of the file, hence damaging it permanently. Ransomwares on the other hand, simply encrypt the company file.

The encryption key is only known to the hacker and hence the user cannot access the company file without decrypting it. Ransomware have caused some serious problems for corporations and have become the medium through which hackers are blackmailing organizations.

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QuickBooks Data Recovery Support

RepairContact has been providing data recovery support to all QuickBooks users. Though this data recovery support, users can easily get the data on the damaged company file recovered easily.

The Process Followed by Our Data Recovery Team is as Follows:

  1. Get the company file over an encrypted network
  2. Recover all the data from the damaged company file
  3. Create a new company file and input all recovered data into it
  4. Send back the recovered data through an encrypted network

Users do not have to worry about creating an encrypted network for sending and receiving data. We do all of this ourselves. Sending and receiving data over an encrypted network ensures that any other person cannot hack it. Hence, your accounting data is completely safe.

QuickBooks Company File Issues

Apart from a damaged company file, another prominent issue is a huge company file. On startup, QuickBooks has to render all the information into the software. If the company file is huge, the startup time will be proportional as well.

Further, the amount of memory used by QuickBooks slows down the performance of the system. One quick and easy fix for this problem is to simply create multiple parts from the same company file. This cannot be done simply by any user and requires advanced knowledge of QuickBooks.

Hence, our QuickBooks technical help team will be able to get this done for you.

How Can RepairContact Help You?

RepairContact has some of the best QuickBooks ProAdvisors who will be available round the clock to help you through these issues. Our QuickBooks technical assistance team can easily help you in recovering data.

To make things better, they can even optimize your system for maximum performance. To know more, feel free to contact us at ✆+1-800-272-4169(Toll Free.)


  1. I have a ransomware. What should I do?
  2. The best thing you can do is create a backup of the company file and format your entire system. By doing this, you’ll save the company file and remove the ransomware from the system.

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