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Fix QuickBooks Installation Error for Windows and Mac

Fix QuickBooks Installation Error for Windows and Mac

QuickBooks Error

If you are having issues with the installation of QuickBooks Desktop, you may see common problems at the time you try to install. These errors may occur in QuickBooks for windows as well as Mac. When this error happens, the program doesn’t start or errors repeatedly appears when clicking on QB files or a company icon. The installation errors can create nuisances and prevent QB files from opening the whole program in windows or in Mac systems. However, you can simply resolve these errors by rebooting your computer system once.

In this article, we are going to discuss on several basic steps to resolve various type of QuickBooks desktop installation errors for Windows and Mac. Alternatively, you can contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team by dialing 1-800-986-6821 if you need instant assistance from well-qualified accounting experts. We are able to address all kinds of questions and concerns related to these errors.

Why do QuickBooks Installation Errors occur on Windows & Mac?

The following are some possible causes of QuickBooks Installation Errors.

  • Using a different version of QuickBooks to open a company file, folder, compressed or encrypted file
  • QuickBooks opens multiple times if you double click repeatedly, which prevents your company files from opening
  • Using the wrong method to open a specific file type can also cause problems
  • Reports and other windows within the file are not working
  • A file or extension with an incorrect or incomplete name corrupts all data
  • Often, these errors occur when one of the core Microsoft components QuickBooks Desktop relies upon is malfunctioning

What are Signs of Installation Error

These signs and symptoms can help you identify the problem:

  • If QuickBooks freezes when you try to open or run it
  • If the Windows system is not responding.
  • It can also be a sign if the installation file won’t open.
  • During the installation, the process was interrupted.
  • While working, the system hangs.
  • There is a sluggish response from the keyboard and mouse.

Before fixing QuickBooks Desktop installation errors, backup the company file

If you perform the steps to rectify an issue incorrectly, the company file data may get damaged, so it is recommended to first create a backup.

  • Start by opening QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose File from the menu.
  • Select the backup company file from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the option to create a local backup.
  • Go to the Local Backup option in the backup window.
  • To continue, click Next.
  • The backup file will be saved in the location you select when you hit the Browse button.
  • Click OK after selecting the location.
  • Click the Save Button.
  • To begin the backup process, press the Next button.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop install errors in Windows?

It is not uncommon to encounter dozens of error messages when trying to uninstall, refresh, or introduce an application on a Windows-based computer.

Error: Verify Windows Installer Problem

Generally, this error occurs when the Windows Installer program has been disabled, corrupted, or improperly installed. To determine if there is a problem with the Windows Installer program, follow these steps:-

  • Click on the “Windows” or “Start” icon
  • In the search dialogue box, type “cmd”. Or select “Run” and type “cmd”.
  • Click on the “Enter” tab to open the “Command Prompt” window.
  • Enter ‘MSIExec’ in the order brief
  • Later, tap “Enter”
  • If the MSI engine is running properly, you will not see any error messages
  • Reinstall it

Error: Windows Installer Package Error Message When Uninstalling or Reinstalling Mac Software

You can efficiently fix this problem by using the Windows control panel at the time of uninstalling or reinstalling Mac software.

Steps to Fix the Software

  • Uninstall the application from the “Control Panel” tab
  • Select the application you wish to eliminate and then select “Repair”
  • Uninstall the application by following these steps
  • Reinstall iTunes or cloud for Windows after uninstalling the entire apple software
  • Install the latest version of the window
  • Visit the Microsoft program installation and utility website
    o Click on “Download” and “Open”. If utilities cannot be opened, click on “Save” rather than “Open”.
    o Click on the “Next” tab in the “Utility” window
    o Choose the program you wish to uninstall and click “Next”
    o Choose “Indeed, attempt uninstall” if a question like “Uninstall or cleanup?” appears on the screen.
    o The utility should be shut down
    o If the issue persists, contact Apple Support for assistance. Uninstall all iCloud, iTunes, and Apple software from Windows.

QuickBooks Error 1334

You can see this error when the file isn’t installed properly. However, there can also be a bunch of other factors causing such an error. Here are a few of them:

  • There can be several reasons for this, including incorrectly installed files.
  • If you cannot access the file.
  • It can also happen when you try to compose the name of the file or the file itself.

How to fix the QuickBooks launch issue

  • The software needs to be opened.
  • Open the company file with the extension .QBW
  • In order to open the company file into QuickBooks, the user must double click on it.
  • Prior to performing these steps, you must update the Microsoft .NET framework.

QuickBooks Error 1712

We are sorry! Something went wrong with your installation. Error 1712. Or One or more of the required files could not be found. Restoring your PC to its previous state will not be possible.

Error 1712: How to fix it

Here are some steps you can try to fix this issue:

Step 1: Download and Install QuickBooks Tools Hub

  • The QuickBooks Tool Hub file can download here.
  • Save the file in a location you can easily locate or in the downloads folder.
  • Start the installation by opening the downloaded file, for example QuickBooksTools.exe.
  • Follow all the steps displayed on your screen in the Installation Wizard.
  • To consent to the QuickBooks Tool Hub agreements, click here.
  • Finish by clicking the Finish button.
  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub by double-clicking the icon on the Windows Desktop.

Step 2: To fix the problem, run Quick Fix My Program

  • Launch the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Choose the option Program Problems.
  • To fix the problem, run Quick Fix My Program.
  • It might take a while.
  • Check for errors by installing QuickBooks.

Fix QuickBooks Desktop Installation Errors- Windows & Mac

Learn how to resolve common QuickBooks Installation errors in the Infographic.

Now let’s discuss some other methods in detail to solve this error with Windows. You need to follow every step as it given.

Solution 1: Close QBW32.exe

  • Right-click on the Windows task bar and select the Start Task Manager option
  • Select the Processes tab
  • Click on the Image Name header to sort it alphabetically
  • Select it as an EXE file by finding it and selecting it
  • Click on the End process button at the end

Solution 2: Suppress QuickBooks

  • When you right click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon, hold down the Ctrl key and select Open
  • The company file should open

Solution3: Restart your Computer or Laptop

  • Restarting your computer will bring it back to life and wipe away all the current software on it
  • Restart your computer and try again to open QuickBooks. It will also reset any incorrect settings you might have selected previously.

Solution 4: Reregister QuickBooks Related Components & Files

  • Run and reboot.bat to re-register all QuickBooks related .DLL and .OCX files in MS.

Solution5: Repair the QuickBooks installation process

  • Run a repair on your QuickBooks installation to replace any corrupt or damaged files

Solution 6: Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks

  • The first step is to download the QuickBooks Clean Install tool (Note: You can download the tool here:
  • Click QuickBooksCleanInstallUtility.exe from the downloads
  • Click I Accept and select the QuickBooks version you are using
  • Select the OK tab after clicking the Continue button.
  • You should first try to repair your QuickBooks files or folders

For a complete guide on reinstalling QuickBooks using Clean Install, click here

Solution 7: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

This tool is design to identify and fix installation errors automatically. With the help of this tool you can fix QuickBooks Error 1603, Error 1935, Error 1904, Error 1402, Errors relating to damaged Microsoft .NET Framework, Errors relating to damaged MSXML and C++, Problems opening QuickBooks Desktop, such as QuickBooks stopped working or Unrecoverable errors.

  • The first step is to download the QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool. (Note: You can download this tool here:
  • Then open the downloads folder and look for the QB Install Diagnostic file
  • Double-click qb_install-tool.exe once you have it to run it
  • Restart your computer once the process is complete

Solution 8: Verify and Rebuild the Data File- For Mac users only

MAC installation errors can resolve by verifying and rebuilding the data file, but if this does not resolve the issue, follow the following instructions:

  • The first step is to open your Macbook Pro
  • Go to the file -> select utility -> verify your data (if no problems are detected).
  • Click on the end and restart the program
  • Restart your Macbook Pro once more

Solution 9: Install or uninstall QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup

  • It may happen that any third-party applications, such as anti-virus or anti-spyware, may interfere with QuickBooks Desktop installation. In order to prevent this from happening, try installing or uninstalling QuickBooks in Selective Startup mode.

To resolve the most common installation errors in QuickBooks desktop for Windows and Mac, I hope you found this article useful. You can reach our QuickBooks installation support team by dialing 1-800-986-6821 if you still receive an error during QuickBooks installation. Our experts are always available to help.

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