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How to Change Password in QuickBooks

How to Change Password in QuickBooks

How to Change Password in QuickBooks

Are you concerned about the security of your QuickBooks account? One simple step to protect your sensitive financial data is by regularly changing your login password. Changing passwords can be a bit challenging, especially if you are new to the software or not tech-savvy. However, with our comprehensive guide on how to change password in QuickBooks, you’ll find it easier and more comfortable than ever before! In this article, we will walk you through all the steps for both users and administrators so that you can keep your account safe from unauthorized access. So let’s get started!

How to Change Password in QuickBooks for Users?

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software that provides users with various features to manage their finances. Changing passwords regularly is an essential security measure to keep your sensitive data protected from unauthorized access. If you are a user of QuickBooks, changing your password is easy and straightforward.

To change your password in QuickBooks as a user, you will need to log into your account using the old password. Once logged in, click on “Company” at the top menu bar and select “Set Up Users and Passwords.” Then choose “Change Your Password” option from the drop-down list.

Enter the existing username and password when prompted and then create a new password by typing it twice for confirmation. Ensure that your new password has at least eight characters that include both letters and numbers for optimum security.

After setting up a new password, save changes by clicking on ‘OK’ button. You can now log out of QuickBooks before logging back in again using your new credentials.

In summary, changing passwords regularly helps maintain cybersecurity hygiene across all online activities including financial management through Quickbooks software.

How to Change Password in QuickBooks for Administrators?

As an administrator in QuickBooks, you have even more options to change or reset your password. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in as the admin user and click on “Company” from the top menu bar.
  2. Select “Set Up Users and Passwords” followed by “Change Your Password”.
  3. Enter your current password and then create a new one using at least seven characters with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols for added security.
  4. Click “OK” once you’ve entered your new password.

If you need to change another user’s password as an administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Go back to “Set Up Users and Passwords”, but this time select “Set Up Users”.
  2. Choose the name of the user whose password needs changing.
  3. Click on “Edit User” followed by “Change Your Password.”
  4. Enter a temporary password for that user which they will be prompted to change upon their next login.

By following these simple steps, administrators can easily manage passwords within their QuickBooks accounts while ensuring maximum security measures are in place for all users involved!

Steps to Reset Password for QuickBooks Admin and Other Users

Resetting a password in QuickBooks is essential if the user has forgotten or lost their login credentials. Luckily, resetting a password in QuickBooks can be done easily by following some simple steps. The process of resetting passwords for both admin and other users differs slightly.

To reset the password for an admin user, go to the login page and click “I forgot my Password.” Then enter your email address associated with the account, answer security questions, and follow further instructions to create a new password.

To reset another user’s password as an admin, log in to your QuickBooks account using your own credentials and navigate to the gear icon followed by “Manage Users.” Choose the affected user account from there and click on “Edit” under their name. Click on “Change Password,” enter a new one twice for confirmation purposes before clicking save changes.

It is important that you ensure all necessary security measures are taken when it comes to accessing sensitive data within any accounting software like Quickbooks.

Changing the password using reset code (admin only)

If you are an admin and have forgotten your QuickBooks password, don’t worry because there is a simple way to reset it. You can use the “I forgot my password” feature which will send a reset code to your registered email address.

First, open the QuickBooks login page and click on “Forgot Password.” Enter your username or email associated with your account and then click on “Continue.”

Next, select how you want to receive the verification code – through email or phone number. Enter the information required for verification purposes.

Once you receive the verification code in your email or phone number, enter it into the QuickBooks login page and then create a new password for your account. Make sure that it’s strong enough by using upper and lowercase letters along with numbers and symbols.

Save changes made to avoid repetitive resetting of passwords. This method is only applicable for administrators who forgot their passwords and cannot be used by regular users of QuickBooks.


Changing your password in QuickBooks is a necessary step to protect sensitive financial information from unauthorized access. As a user or administrator, you can easily change the password by following the steps outlined above.

Remember to create strong passwords that are not easy to guess and avoid using personal information such as names, birth dates or phone numbers. Also, it’s advisable to change your password regularly and keep it secure.

By implementing these best practices for managing passwords in QuickBooks, you can safeguard your data and maintain the integrity of your accounting system. So go ahead and take charge of protecting your business today!

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