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How to Convert from QuickBooks Desktop to Online

How to Convert from QuickBooks Desktop to Online

QuickBooks Error

Converting-Data-to-QuickBooks-DesktopConverting data to QuickBooks desktop is a fairly simple task. There are many third-party software that can accomplish the same. Still, using third-party software with confidential accounting data can be dangerous.

This is why, in this article, we have detailed how users can convert data for QuickBooks desktop. There are many conversions that can take place for the company file, all of which have been discussed below in this article.

Note: Before converting the company files create a backup of the same. Things can go wrong while the file is being converted or upgraded. If there are errors, then you may lose data.

Converting to a Newer Version of QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, the company file also has a version which has to be updated when upgrading the software. Without converting the company file, the user will not be able to import it into the new version of the accounting software.

If you had a version of QuickBooks which was released in 2014 or later, then the task becomes fairly simple. Otherwise, you will have to rely on other tools for converting the company file.

To Import the Company File into a New Version of QuickBooks, Follow the Steps Provided Below:

  1. Launch newer version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click on File from the top menu bar.
  3. Click on Open or Restore Company.
  4. From the provided options choose Open a Company File.
  5. Click on Next.
  6. Browse to the location of the company file and select it.
  7. Click on Open.
  8. Click on Update Now after reviewing the information.
  9. Follow instructions provided by the converter.
  10. Click on Yes when the confirmation dialogue box shows up.

File will be converted and all data will be imported into QuickBooks. Further, you have the option to create a new company file altogether which will have the data from the previous company file. For converting a company file, you need to be logged in through an administrator account. Once the company file has been upgraded, you cannot downgrade it in any manner.

Converting between different versions like Pro / Premier and Enterprise is a whole different ball game. Company file can be upgraded to a higher version of the software but to do the reverse operation is impossible. For instance, if you want to convert company file from Enterprise edition to Premier edition, then you will have to use third party software.

RepairContact QuickBooks Technical Support Team

QuickBooks technical assistance team, at RepairContact, can help you in easily upgrading and converting the company file. QuickBooks help team will make sure that all data is safely migrated to a new company file which works with your desired version of the accounting software.

To know more, feel free to contact QuickBooks helpdesk at ✆+1-855-548-3395(Toll Free)


  1. Cannot Open file after converting it. What should I do?

Most probably, there may have been some error while converting the data. You can convert the file again from the backup you created earlier. If you did not create a backup then reach out to our QuickBooks data recovery team.

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