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How to View Previous Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks?

How to View Previous Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks?

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View-Previous-Reconciliation-Reports-in-QuickBooks (1)To view previous reconciliation reports in QuickBooks, you can follow the methods provided in this article. Further, you can even learn about creating a new reconciliation statement and how to automate reporting in QuickBooks. We will look at how to access already created reports from the reporting menu.

Reports in QuickBooks

Reporting is an accounting tool present in QuickBooks to facilitate users with various tasks. Each report serves a specific task and provides relevant information that the user is looking for.

For instance, the profit and loss statement provides a detailed look into revenue, profit,and expenses of a business. Through this statement, users can get useful insights and act upon them to maximize profit.

Reconciliation statements, on the other hand, are different and can be used for removing inaccuracies from accounting data.

How Reconciliation Statements Remove Inaccuracies from Accounting Data?

A reconciliation statement tallies transaction of selected accounts from the bank statement. This helps users in identifying:

  • Transactions that were never recorded in QuickBooks.
  • Transactions that never took place or failed.
  • Transactions that have been entered multiple times.

Looking into the reconciliation statement can even help you in identifying fraud at your organization.

Viewing a Reconciliation Statement

All reports are stored in the Report menu and can be accessed directly from there. These reports can also be printed out or exported in PDF format. To view the report, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Go to Reports.
  3. Select the Reconciliation Statement on the basis of description or date on which it was created.
  4. Click on export or print, if you want a PDF or print out respectively.

Printer and PDF errors when Printing or Exporting Reports

Printer and PDF errors are common and have been faced by many users. These errors can be resolved easily. To troubleshoot, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Type in some dummy text for the document to hold.
  3. Click on File and then Save As.
  4. Save the File as a TXT document.
  5. Press Ctrl + P.
  6. Select the Printer attached to your system.
  7. Click on Print.

If the print isn’t successful, then you should reinstall the drivers for the printer. A copy of the driver setup can be downloaded anytime.

Note: Latest versions of windows often automatically detect the printer and download relevant drivers for printers by some specific manufacturers.

If the issue cannot be fixed by reinstalling drivers, then use the QuickBooks PDF and Print Error tool. As a free tool, it can scan your system for errors with printer drivers and PDF engine. Once the errors have been spotted, they will be fixed automatically by this tool.

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  1. I cannot create a PDF copy of my reconciliation statement?

If you cannot export the document as a PDF, then there must be some issue with the PDF engine. You can install a PDF software like Adobe reader and uninstall any other PDF engine currently installed on your system. This should fix the issue.

  1. Reconciliation Statement is not showing up in the Reports menu?

If the reconciliation report that you created is not showing up in QuickBooks, then you must have forgotten to save it. Please make sure to save the reconciliation statement before closing the window.

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