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Keep Your Financial Information Secure in QuickBooks

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Keep Your Financial Information Secure in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error

Keep-Your-Financial-Information-Secure-in-QuickBooksYou can keep your financial information secure in QuickBooks. This highly secure software is encrypted with powerful algorithms to ensure maximum security. There are many other features available in this accounting software through which you can fortify the security. In this article, you will learn about some of these methods.

QuickBooks User Restrictions

In QuickBooks, you can set up rules for users which will guide that particular user account. Users with an enterprise edition of this software have the ability to create a ‘View Only’ user.

To Create User Roles, Follow the Steps Provided Below:

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Select Company from the Menu.
  3. Click on Set Up Users and Passwords.
  4. Click on Users.
  5. Click on Add User.
  6. Fill in the following required fields.
    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. Confirm Password
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Select all the features you want the user to access in QuickBooks. You have options among the three:
    1. No Access
    2. Full Access Selective Access
  9. Click on Finish.

If you change the rule applied to one user in QuickBooks, then rules for users who have been assigned the same role will also be changed. A better way to work through this is to create duplicate the role first and then make changes to the rules.

If you select Selective Access, then you will have to further select what the user should have access to. Implicitly, the user has no access unless user defines the role explicitly.

These user-defined roles are helpful and employed in many software where security is essential. QuickBooks is an accounting software stores a lot of confidential data and hence you should consider defining user roles.

QuickBooks Cloud Security

If the company file is saved on a separate server, then you should always access the server through a VPN (Virtual Private Network.) VPNs can hide your actual location and fend off attacks from hackers. They also protect you from malware that eats into system resources.

Hiding Accounts in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, users have the option to hide the balance of specific accounts from certain users. Without proper authorization, the user will not be able to access the balance and details of these accounts.

To hide account balance from certain users, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Go back to the Company Menu.
  3. Click on Set up Users and Password.
  4. Click on Set up Users.
  5. Select Edit User.
  6. Click on Selected Areas of QuickBooks.
  7. ON the Sensitive Accounting Activities page, click on No Access.
  8. Click on Next and Finish.

You have successfully edited the role for that particular user. Since the role has now been edited, any other user with the same role will not be able to view the account balance as well.

There are many other things that you can restrict form users such as printing and editing rights. These user roles are highly customizable and enable you to personalize the security of your accounting data.

QuickBooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks is a secure and efficient accounting software meant to handle both simple and advanced financial tasks. Users have the ability to create comprehensive reports to gain insights that help in formulating strategies. Advanced reporting is only available to users with the Enterprise Edition.

RepairContact QuickBooks Technical Support Team

Here at RepairContact QuickBooks tech support team, we help users in fortifying the security of their financial data. Our QuickBooks technical assistance team performs a complete scan of the user’s system. After removing all malicious software, user roles are properly defined. To know more, feel free to contact QuickBooks helpdesk at ✆+1-855-548-3395(Toll Free)

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