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QuickBooks 2018 Has Arrived! Here Is What to Expect

QuickBooks 2018 Has Arrived! Here Is What to Expect

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Choose-Quickbooks-2018-for-New-BusinessesIf you’ve just started your business and are witnessing an increase in revenue, then maintaining accounts is probably getting harder too. To simplify this, most startups and small businesses around the globe are leveraging the functionality provided by QuickBooks 2018.

QuickBooks 2018 is good for new businesses, especially for the tech savvy ones. The new features provided in this version of the accounting software are aimed towards substantially increasing the efficiency of users. While working with new tools and features, you’ll find accounting and managing books easier than ever.

New Features Introduced in QuickBooks 2018

Here are some of the best features introduced in QuickBooks 2018. Many of these features have been for long requested by users. Further, some users have used addons to facilitate such tooling but now everything is available directly in QuickBooks.

New Report Templates

Now users have access to more templates that can be customized for running detailed reports on accounting data. The new report templates can be found in the same report menu and can be used alongside other filters. Once you apply customized filters, you can save the template and even publish it so that other QuickBooks users can utilize them as well. These reports are a great way to analyze data and get valuable insights.

Faster Switching

In all previous versions of QuickBooks, switching between multi-user mode and single-user mode could take some time. While the operations were closed, the user was left waiting. This is no longer the case as users can now instantaneously switch between the user modes. Further, features that were only available for single user mode, are now also available in the multi-user mode.

Support for Multiple Monitors

QuickBooks now supports view on multiple monitors simultaneously. Separate windows can be opened on each of these monitors for facilitating tallying of transactions and account reconciliation. For now, QuickBooks only support a maximum of 3 monitors at once.

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Communication Tool

When switching from multi-user mode to single-user mode, it is essential to have every user logged out of QuickBooks, otherwise all of their unsaved data will be lost. To facilitate communication among team members, QuickBooks now comes with this inbuilt chat app.

Communication tool has been present in QuickBooks for a while, but in the recent version, it has been converted to a full fledged chat feature. Before switching user mode, you can inform all of the users and convey any other message that you’d like to.

QuickBooks Accountant 2018

Efficiency is key when maintaining large amount of data. You need to know your way around QuickBooks and have essential tools at your fingertips. Searching for particular tools through menu can take considerable amount of time.


With RepairContact, you can get QuickBooks 2018 installation assistance. Our QuickBooks technical assistance team can install a fresh copy of this accounting software on your system. Further, if you’ve been using any prior version, then our QuickBooks help team will migrate all the data to the latest version.

Along with this, a full system scan with our advanced security software would ensure that all your accounting data will be safe.

RepairContact is a third party QuickBooks technical support helpdesk. Among other things, we provide QuickBooks 2018 technical support for errors and other issues. To know more, feel free to contact us at ✆+1-855-548-3395(Toll Free.)

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