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QuickBooks 2018 Pro Company File

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QuickBooks 2018 Pro Company file stores all accounting data and personally identifiable information. The company file is highly confidential and thus is secured via multiple levels of encryption. Without proper authentication, it is impossible to access the data of the company file in QuickBooks 2018 Pro.

Creating a Company File in QuickBooks 2018 Pro

You can create as many company files as you’d like in QuickBooks. At once, you should open only one company file as it consumes a lot of memory. Having a lot of company files open simultaneously can have a negative impact on the performance of your system.

To Create a New Company File in QuickBooks, Follow the Steps Provided Below:

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Select File and Click on Close Company File.
  3. In the No Company File window, click on Create New Company File.
  4. Enter Name for the Company file.
  5. Configure the settings properly.
  6. Click on Create.

Now, you can enter accounting data and save personally identifiable information securely in this new company file.

Upgrading Company File

In all latest versions of QuickBooks, you can simply import the company file from a previous version of QuickBooks. The conversion will automatically take place. All you would have to do is click on the confirmation message.

Note: Once the conversion is complete, you will not be able to downgrade the company file. In case you need the company file for a previous version, make sure to create a backup.

QuickBooks 2018 Pro Features

New Reports
Users who rely heavily on insights from their accounting data can now rejoice. The new version of this accounting software comes packed with latest templates that will help you in extracting more precise insights. These reports can be created in both tabular and graphical form.


Class is a different feature than accounts in QuickBooks. Classes are used mainly to keep track of expenses. To categorize expenses, you can create classes and sub-classes. This helps in better organization than chart of accounts.

Bulk Actions

Simply mark all of the forms and transactions before taking any action in QuickBooks. The action will be simultaneously applied to all the selected forms and transactions. This feature was implemented after a lot of request from the users.

Communication Tool

If you have multi-user mode set up, then you will appreciate the new communication tool in QuickBooks. The tool was present before but it could only be used for sending notifications about changing user mode. Now, it has been transformed into a complete chat application that will help you in collaborating with your entire team in real time.

RepairContact QuickBooks Tech Support Team

When facing errors and issues related to QuickBooks, you can always rely on our QuickBooks technical support team due to years of experience and appropriate training. They will also help you in configuring the security settings in QuickBooks in order to protect all your confidential data.

To know more, feel free to contact our QuickBooks helpdesk at ✆+1-800-272-4169(Toll Free)

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