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QuickBooks 2021 Not Enough Space To Extract


QuickBooks Desktop installation can create various problems in the system if the windows system does not have enough space. And one of the errors is QuickBooks 2021 Not Enough Space to Extract which occurs when your system carries unnecessary heavy files and have not much space to download the other files. One of the errors is insufficient memory error that occurs when your system occupies all the space and not even 1 GB space is left in your memory. QuickBooks gives rise to these installation errors when the user obtains the QuickBooks Desktop installer file. If you are suffering from insufficient space then this article resolves all the problems.

What is QuickBooks 2021 Not Enough Space to Extract error?

When your system carries unlimited data for a longer period and due to this not even a 1 GB space is available for the QuickBooks installation programs then, you get the QuickBooks 2021 Not Enough Space to Extract error that appeared on your computer screen as-

Error: There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package. The solution for this problem is to choose the other drive with available space for the installation, but if you contain only one drive then you need to create space in the same drive. Read the article only then you will get to know how to create more space to download the installation programs for the QuickBooks application.

What are the causes for the QuickBooks 2021 Not Enough Space to Extract error?

Sometimes you think that space is running out because you carry excessive files in your system this can be a reason but there are other reasons too. Here are the causes that let you the other reasons for this issue:

  • Sometimes, the software failed to detect the exact space present in the system
  • When the QuickBooks installer package is destroyed or corrupted
  • The specific space not available that is required by the QuickBooks software to install the programs.


Mostly when the available space is occupied and you are not able to download the other files and folders then you can delete the unwanted files from your device whether it is a phone or other operating system. But, sometimes you can fix the problem by performing smart solutions. Here are some solutions that will guide you to create more space in the C drive:

Solution 1: Modify the Settings of the Folder and Manage the Permission

For those who are operating Windows 8.1:

  • Initially, you need to hold the Windows and R key simultaneously to launch the Run window on your system
  • In the next step, you need to write the %temp% in the text field of the Run window
  • Tap on the Enter key
  • Then, you need to right-click on the Temp folder and select the Share option
  • Now, go to the Add option that is mentioned in the Advanced Security tab and pick up the option Select a Principal
  • After this, you need to select the option Find Now in the Advanced section
  • Prefer the user of your choice and tap the Enter key
  • At last, make sure you permit the Full Control for the convenience of the user and agree by clicking on the Ok option.

For those who are operating Windows 7, 8, and 10

  • In the initial stage, you need to tap the Windows and R key together until the new window appear on your system
  • In the next stage, you need to enter the %temp% under the text box of the Run window
  • Tap on the OK option
  • Then, you need to search the Temp folder and right-click on it to open the folder
  • In this stage, you required to opt for the Properties option and then proceed by selecting the Sharing option
  • Add the details of the account that you are used while logging in on Windows
  • Now, you have to use the QuickBooks Data Service User version for your QuickBooks software
  • At last, grant permission for the Full Control Access for both users and tap on the Share option.

Solution 2: Remove Unnecessary Files from the Temp Folder

  • In the first phase, you need to locate the C:\Username \AppData \Local\ Temp on your Operating system
  • In the second phase, you have to mark all the files under the Temp folder by tapping the Ctrl and A keys simultaneously
  • In the third phase, you need to hold the Delete key, and for approval tap on the Yes option
  • After removing all the files from the temp folder, you need to try again to install the QuickBooks Desktop on your system.

Solution 3: Create more space in the C drive

EaseUS Partition Master Free helps to create more space in C drive. After removing the unnecessary, you can easily create space for C drive and easily do your task.

  • In the first step, open the EaseUS Partition Master and tap on the Adjust with-1-Click.

When C drive storage is full, then you will notify by the Low Disk Space alert

  • In the next step, you need to select the Proceed option to manage the space automatically

EaseUS Partition Master capable to manage the C drive automatically to fix the low space problem. Tap on Proceed to continue the process.

You can also opt for the Manual Adjustment to increase the space in the C drive manually when the Smart Space Adjustment not able to fulfill your requirements.

When you are opting for the Manual Adjustment, the consequences of smart adjustment will be adjourning similarly to the starting point of manual adjustment. Choose the C drive and move dots to create more space in the C drive. Then, you need to tap on the Proceed option to continue further.

  • Execute tasks

You need to select the Execute Operations option present in the top corner and resume all the due tasks by selecting the option Apply.


 In this article, you get to know how to create extra space if you run out of it. While saving any document make sure it is important and can get useful for further tasks. Don’t save unnecessary files that occupy more space in your system and while downloading anything keep check out the remaining space. If you face any difficulty while creating the space or performing the solutions then don’t hesitate to ask the queries from the QuickBooks Helpdesk.


How can I create more space by using the EaseUS tool?

You can create space by using this tool but you need to download and install the first, then select all the unnecessary files that you want to scan and tap on the Analyze. In the next step, choose the unnecessary file and click on the Cleanup.

How much space do I need to download the QuickBooks program?

At least, you need 2.5 GB of disk space to download the QuickBooks Pro and Premiere software. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions need a 1 GB Ram in your system for a single user and for multiuser it requires a minimal 2 GB Ram.

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