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QuickBooks 2021 Not Loading


QuickBooks software is mainly designed for the accountancy that is used in your business in short; you can say QuickBooks is accounting software that provides you immense benefit. It is specifically used by small-medium business operators because QuickBooks is not only managing your data or financial records but also update you with the latest features and upgraded versions. QuickBooks accounting software sometimes creates difficulty for you due to various reasons or multiple errors. But whenever any user is stuck in between any task to run the QuickBooks, then you can search articles online anytime anywhere related to the problem. In this article, you learn to solve the QuickBooks 2021 Not Loading problem. You get the causes, symptoms, and solutions in this article; you just need to read all the above for your problem.

Circumstances that occur in your system in the presence of the error

Many circumstances occur in your system when the QuickBooks 2021 is not loading. Readout those circumstances are mentioned-below:

  • If you have created the lengthy company name
  • Whenever a hard disk corrupted it affect the applications function in the system
  • The wrong method used to install the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Infected or lost QBUSER.INI file
  • You are using the expired version of Windows in your operating system.

Signs that you need to know the problem

To know the reason you need to experience the sign and know what it indicates. So here are few signs that help you to detect the problem.

  • Your QuickBooks application start showing tantrums and got freeze after a fixed certain period
  • The company file in the QuickBooks application is not accessible to you
  • Windows operating system run at a low pace
  • Computer file and folders show glitches
  • The computer system start hanging whenever you try to open any program
  • Your operating system is reacting and responding slowly when you use the output devices such as the keyboard and mouse.

Learn the different ways to remove the problem from your path

You need to select the correct path for your problems to avoid the severe conditions in the QuickBooks application. Go through the solutions that are listed below according to your problem.

Solution 1: Shut down the QuickBooksW32.exe process

  • In the initial phase, you need to click the right side of the mouse to select open the Windows taskbar window and then choose the option Start Task Manager
  • Then, you need to  tap on the Process tab and then go to the Image Name to set the procedure in the variables
  • Then, you need to navigate and pick up the EXE
  • In the last phase, you need to tap on the End Process to shut down the exe process.

Solution 2: Manage QB Desktop Installation

  • You need to press the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del with the help of the keyboard
  • In the next step, you need to choose the option Task Manager
  • Then, you need to tap on the Process tab
  • After all this, you need to right-click on any of the QuickBooks processes
  • Now, select the option End Process
  • At last, you get the verification sign for the process, and for this, you need to choose the end all processes.

Solution 3: Modify the QBWUSER.ini. File name

  • Try to open the folder where you saved the ini file and if the file is not able to open then activate the hidden folders and file
  • Once you get the location of the folder then you have to tap on the QBWUSER.ini.file
  • Now, visit the Rename option
  • Then, you need to press the keys to type the Insert.old in the last of the file name
  • Lastly, you require changing the name file ecml.file.
  • After changing the name of the file, if QuickBooks perform efficiently that means your problem is completely resolved.

Solution 4: Set up a new Windows administrator user

  • In the first step, you need to open the Control Panel and then locate the by using it
  • Then, you need to click twice on the User Account and move to the Manage User option, and tap on the Add
  • When you complete the above steps, you need to enter the identity and also the domain of the admin
  • Tap on the OK button
  • If you are Windows 10 user then choose the option Administrator
  • After all of this, you need to tap on the option Finish that appears in the User Accounts dialogue box
  • At last, put on your fingers and press the Enter button.

Solution 5: Refresh the Desktop by rebooting the system

  • You need to open the Start menu screen in your operating system
  • Go to the Power button where you find the Restart option
  • Select the Restart option
  • When the system is turned on, go to QuickBooks and verify its functioning.

Solution 6: Manage through QuickBooks Desktop Installation

  • Go to the QuickBooks and right-click on its logo
  • Then, hold the Ctrl key and click on the open. You need to press the Ctrl key until the No Company Open window appears
  • At last, try to load the QuickBooks Desktop application.


QuickBooks not loading in the 2021 version create problems and a hard time for you. This article is mainly written to solve this issue. This issue can occur due to many reasons that affect multiple features and files so you need to rectify it on time. For this, you need to read the above causes, symptoms, and solutions for your better understanding. If you find any difficulty to understand anything or after attempting the solutions won’t able to fix the problem then you need to make ask for help from QuickBooks professionals. You can contact them through a toll-free number or you can leave the query in the message form in live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which tool is useful to solve the QuickBooks 2021 Not loading problem?

To solve the QuickBooks 2021 Not loading problem can be resolve by using the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub and give it a try.

Why my QuickBooks consume a long time to open?

It is because every list in the program is processed into memory first when the QuickBooks opened, which usually take longer time, in case you have more than thousands of entries or customers then the files can be corrupted with time and increase the size of the file that causes the slow start-up.

Why my QuickBooks application works stilly in multi-user mode?

It is because multi-user mode allows you to access per module at a time. If you share the heavy data file then it becomes difficult for your system to manage and carry.

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