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QuickBooks 2021 Not Opening

QuickBooks 2021 Not Opening

QuickBooks 2021 not opening for a couple of minutes in an absolute unexpected state which happens due to some technical errors that can be caused in part by your PC and environmental problems. At times, when you come across this technical error then it is always suggested you to update your software to the latest released version that has advanced features and tools and the ability to frequently avoid such errors. One of the most apparent reasons is also due to corruption of the hard drive or harm to program files or Windows operating system damage. For detailed information or quick fixation methods, the required thing you should do is to read out this blog post from top-to-toe carefully and perform the tasks as it is on your own.

Possible reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Not Opening

There are several factors that could lead to QB not open error. Before you start to fix an error, it is important to get aware of the root reasons which cause the error that also helps you in troubleshooting.

  • Company name is very long
  • Missing or Damaged QBWUSER.INI file
  • Windows Operating system gets damaged or corrupted
  • Hard drive might gets corrupted
  • The installation of QuickBooks Desktop is not functioning properly.
  • It might also possible when there is report issue with your company file
  • Outdated QuickBooks version can also be one of the reasons.
  • The file is already opened on another system while using a multi-user network.

Indications of QuickBooks Not Opening issue

  • QuickBooks freezes from time to time while using the application
  • Software is not installed properly
  • Your system respond slowly to the given input from mouse or keyboard
  • QB company file fails to open
  • Your PC starts freezing repeatedly
  • Using an outdated QuickBooks version.

Easy and reliable methods to troubleshoot QuickBooks Not Opening

You can perform the below discussed methods in order to get rid of this QB error with ease:

Method 1: Restart your PC

There are mainly two steps involved in this method:

1: It is highly recommended you restart your PC before you proceed with any further steps.

2: Attempt once again to open your QB company file and then verify whether the error has been resolved or still exists.

Method 2: Rename/Delete QBWUSER.INI file

When you delete the QBWUSER.INI file, it assists you to delete every single information that is saved in that particular list of previously opened files. Perform the below steps:

  • Initially, press the key Windows + E altogether from your console
  • Next, select Folders and Search option under the “Organize” tab which is at the top left side
  • Now, click on the “View” tab
  • Choose the tab named “Show hidden files and folders” under the Advanced Settings >> Hidden File and Folders
  • Once done with that then click on the Ok button
  • Go to the My Computer > C: Drive > Documents > [Your user name] > Local Settings > Application Data > Intuit > QuickBooks [year]
  • Make a right-click on the file named “QBWUSER.INI” and then click on the Delete/Rename.

Method 3: Download and run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

This tool assists you in fixing without paying any charges using the Microsoft components like Framework, Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft MSXML.

Method 4: Open the company files from different folder location (If in case, the other files or sample file do open)

  • Initially, press the keys Windows + E together from your console
  • Search for the data file consists a .qbw file extension (example: mycomputerfile.qbw)
  • You can find this file on your network server and then browse to the network drive on which the data file is situated
  • Make a right-click on the found company file to select Copy
  • Discover C: Drive and then create a new folder over there
  • Give a name to the folder QBTEST
  • Now, open your new created QBTEST folder and then paste your company file on the same
  • After that, launch QuickBooks and simultaneously hold CTRL key
  • Click on the Open or Restore an Existing Company and then look for the C:\QBTEST folder that you created
  • Finally, try to open your company file that you recently copied in the created QBTEST folder.

Final Words:

Expectedly, you’ll be able to fix QuickBooks 2021 Not Opening with the above provided methods to easily get rid of this error.


Q1. What is QuickBooks 2021 Not Opening error?

Ans: This kind of error usually occurs due to technical issues like problems with your PC’s any part and environmental problems. Whenever this error is encountered your QuickBooks could also sluggishly respond or completely not respond when you attempt to open a company file. 

Q2. How can we easily resolve QuickBooks 2021 Not Opening error?

Ans: Quick fixation will help you to resolve for real:

  • By downloading QuickBooks component repair tool
  • Providing the run command or
  • by rebooting your PC and temporarily disabling Antivirus software

Q3. Uninstallation and Reinstallation process can help me to fix QuickBooks 2021 Not Opening error?

Ans: At some point of time, this process may help you fix this error. When you choose to uninstall and install QB, the software gets an opportunity of refreshing itself entirely and coming back with the latest version simultaneously. Therefore, it plays a significant role in resolving your QuickBooks won’t open issues in a much faster and easier manner.

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