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QuickBooks 2021 Qbdbmgrn Not Running


In QuickBooks 2021 the Qbdbmgrn not running while using the software. It won’t let you work with the program. This happens when you are running QuickBooks 2021 in multi-user mode. As it is the feature that helps the user to access the database or company file in multi-user mode that is hosted on the server. The QuickBooks 2021 Qbdbmgrn not running issue happens when the Qbdbmgrn is disabled.

You have to fix it by applying a solution after you get to know about the reason for the error caused to you. Just fix it and start working again. In this article, you get to know more reasons that cause this error and different ways to resolve this error in your QuickBooks 2021 account.

What are the various reasons that cause QuickBooks 2021 Qbdbmgrn not running?

The different reasons are listed here that vary from user to user and their system. So get to know about all reasons and identify yours. The reasons are as follows:-

  1. When there are no files connected to QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  2. Firewall installation is done irregularly
  3. You are not able to work in a multi-user mode
  4. The installation remains incomplete or not successful of QBDSM on your computer
  5. In your company, you are not able to write the file
  6. The internet is prevented by the firewall while using QuickBooks Desktop
  7. The  file issues of QuickBooks is seen by the user when a user is not able to run the Qbdbmgrn in the system
  8. When the update of the QuickBooks Database server fails then this error happens.

How many solutions are there that help to fix the QuickBooks 2021 Qbdbmgrn not running?

There are 4 solutions according to the different reasons that you have to identify and then implement the solution to fix it. All the solutions are mentioned in detail so that you can implement them on your own without and assistance. The solutions are:-

Solution 1- Again start the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service

If you have followed the other solutions but still facing the same problem then you have to again start the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service.

To do this the steps are mentioned below:-

  1. In your system, go to the Start menu
  2. Then type Run and press Enter button
  3. Now in the Run window, type the services.msc
  4. Press the Enter button
  5. You have to check for the services such as QuickBooksDB29, QuickBooksDB28, QuickBooksDB27, or QuickBooksDB26 by scrolling down the screen
  6. Check what service is available in your system, then right-click on the service
  7. Click on the Restart option
  8. When it restarts then update your QuickBooks software and also check that the service is working or not.

Solution 2- Update your Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall prevents the user to work in QuickBooks software as it interrupts the QuickBooks database server manager. So to fix it you have to follow the steps given here:-

  1. Open the RUN window by pressing Windows + R keys together
  2. Then in the Run window, type Control Firewall.cpl
  3. Press the Enter button
  4. It opens up the Firewall window on your screen
  5. Now, go to the update the firewall setting section
  6. Then click on the Check for update option to check what updates are available for your firewall
  7. After that, click on the Update Now option after getting available updates
  8. Go with the settings as recommended
  9. When you are done with these steps then check still there is any update available
  10. Now wait for the process to be done completely
  11. After completion of the process, reboot your computer and then QuickBooks too.

Solution 3- QuickBooks 2021 Desktop Repair Process

You have to repair your QuickBooks 2021 Desktop as the Qbdbmgrn is not running in your application. This comes with your software so you have to fix it. The steps are:-

  1. Open the Run window on your computer
  2. Then enter the appwiz.cpl in the field and press the enter button
  3. In the installed applications list, locate the QuickBooks software
  4. Then right-click on it and click on Uninstall/Change option
  5. Now you have to click on the Continue button
  6. Then press the Next button and then on the Repair button to start the repair process
  7. One more time click on the Next button to proceed with the process
  8. Wait until the process is going on
  9. When completed, click on the Finish button
  10. In the end, restart your system.

Solution 4- You get an error – Files in use

This error happens when the file your QuickBooks 2021 want to use is already in use with another software or application. So it shows you the error files in use. So for this, the steps are:-

  1. You have to ignore the error message box
  2. Then restart your computer
  3. After restarting, open QuickBooks Desktop 2021
  4. If the error message box opened again then click on the OK button and go for the repair process
  5. After the repair process, again restart your computer.

Get in touch with QuickBooks experts!

Here you get to know all the top 4 solutions to fix the QuickBooks 2021 Qbdbmgrn not running problem in your account. Follow the detailed process so that you won’t require any kind of professionalism to resolve the issue. In case of any query or problem, get in touch with QuickBooks experts. They are here to help you by providing you answers to all your questions and solutions to your glitches. The team is available 365 days a year by providing you best assistance as they are trained to fix all the glitches.


  1. Is there any tool that I can use to fix the problem if these solutions won’t work because of some reason?

Yes, you can use QuickBooks Doctor Tool from the QuickBooks Tool hub that checks for the problem and then fix it out for you. You have to download and then install it on your computer.

  • How to install qbdbsm on the server or host?
    • Open the Control Panel
    • Go to the Services option then select the option Administrative Tools
    • Now right-click on the Data manager available in your system to install it
    • After successful installation starts using it.
  • Can I also do the clean install of QuickBooks 2021 to fix the QuickBooks 2021 Qbdbmgrn not running?

Yes, you can do the clean installations of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 that also helps you in running the qbdbmgrn service in your application. For a clean install, the steps are:-

  1. First of all, download and install the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
    1. Now, you have to rename the installation folder that you have previously in your system
    1. Add the old at the end of the folder or file name
    1. Then install the QuickBooks again using the clean install tool.

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