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QuickBooks 2021 Scheduled Backup Not Working


Is the thought of losing your company data, including important company files giving you sleepless nights?  Then you have just come to the right place .QuickBooks offers you a scheduled backup feature that automatically save your data at regular intervals so that you may never have to see your nightmare turn into a reality. But if you encounter any problem while scheduling a backup in QuickBooks or if this feature is not working, this blog will provide you with the solutions to your problem.

About the Schedule Backup Feature in QuickBooks

The Scheduled Backup feature automatically saves the data present in QuickBooks periodically to an alternative storage option, regardless of the file being currently active or closed. The Scheduled Backup feature allows you to take control and decide at what date and time will the Backup is initiated so that it does not the Backup does not interfere while you are working on the application.

 Why is my scheduled backup not working?

  1. Different version of Windows has been selected – If your copy of QuickBooks has been configured to the version of Windows different to the one that you are using.
  2. An outdated version of QuickBooks- the scheduled backup may not work if you are using a version of QuickBooks that is outdated.
  3. Scheduled backups have not been properly setup.
  4. Corrupted company file or data- Errors in scheduled backups also occur if the company file or data stored in QuickBooks is damaged.
  5. Other possible reasons- these include saving your file with a name or path that is too long, having insufficient permissions to access a drive or using the “Keep QuickBooks running for Quick startups feature which results in a preference setting conflict.

How can I resolve this problem?

  • By recreating the Backup Schedule
  • Go to Backup Company click Create Local Backup and then Local Backup
  • Click Only Schedule Future Backups and press Next.
  • Fill the Description and location details along with the time and Days for which the backup will be created.
  • Click on Store Passwords and fill your details and press ok.
  • By running the application in Compatibility mode
  • Right- click the QuickBooks icon your computer and choose the option Run QuickBooks in compatibility mode.
  • Select your Windows version from the drop down list.
  • Check the box next to Run this program in compatibility mode and choose your version of Windows
  • Check run this program as an administrator from the Privilege Level Section and click Apply.

By running QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

  • Click Select Utilities under the file tab and press Verify Data.
  • QuickBooks will scan all the company files and data in order to look for any possible damage.
  • If the message “Your Data has lost Integrity “is shown, then close this message and click on the file  tab.
  • From the Utilities section choose Rebuild Data.
  • Get a backup from the backup company data window and press OK.
  • Any damage in your company file will be repaired now using the QB Rebuild Data tool. 
  • Click OK once the message “Rebuild has completed “is displayed.
  • Modify Scheduled Automatic Backup settings in QuickBooks.
  • From the File menu ,choose Save Copy or Backup
  • Click on Backup Copy and Agree and press Next
  • Select where you want to store your local backup and click on next.
  • Choose Change Location or Use this Location and click Next.
  • Choose whether you want to Save it Now and Schedule Future Backups or Only Schedule Backups and click next.
  • Choose the box next to Save Backup Copy automatically when I close my company file every time, enter the number and press Finish..

Tips for avoiding a failed Scheduled Backup

  1. Keep your version of QuickBooks updated.
  2. Ensure that the storage device where the backup file is stored has enough space.
  3. The size of your backup file should be less than 3 Gigabyte. The name of your file must not exceed 65 characters .Also avoid using too many symbols in your file name.
  4. Ensure that the directory or device where the backup file is to be stored must have the necessary access rights.


  1. Where is the Backup file stored after it a Scheduled Backup is performed?

QuickBooks stores the Backup file on its secure server so that you can access your data from anywhere as per your convenience.

  • Can I change the default backup location of the backup file in QuickBooks?

Yes, you can change the location of QuickBooks backup file by specifying the backup location from the Backup data option in the File Menu.

  • What is the maximum file size a QuickBooks Backup file is allowed to have? 

The size of a QuickBooks file must not exceed 3 Gigabytes.

  • Does QuickBooks provide any assistance in case my Scheduled Backup still fails?

Yes, you can contact QuickBooks for a one – on- one interaction and also opt for guided assistance using the Screen Share tool.

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