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QuickBooks 2021 Server Not Running


Nowadays, you see how technology overtakes the working system and shifted to the digital platform. QuickBooks accounting software is also part of the latest technology that helps to run the business digitally and innovatively. It helps to do the task on time whether it’s related to payments or registrations. But in QuickBooks latest version data server manager service start showing tantrums and problems. In this article, you can learn the solutions for QuickBooks 2021 Server not running problem. Make sure you read carefully and understand the steps accurately.

Why QuickBooks 2021 Server Not Running Problem come across?

When you observe the error message appears as QuickBooks 2021 Server Not Running which means your QuickBooks database server manager is not working in the system. It occurs when your Windows Firewall is not updated and gets expired. Whenever you try to download the updates for QuickBooks, the outdated version of the Firewall is getting as QBDBMgrN service as the stranger service and restrict the QuickBooks from using the internet. When you are operating the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to remove the damage from the company file, the error message bothers you that appear as:

Repair the following network problems before accessing your company file from other computers on the network to remove *QBDBMgrN not running on this computer. Error”

Resolutions for the QuickBooks 2021 Server is not running

Solution 1: Reboot QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service

If the QBDBMgrN unable to work properly then, you adhere to all steps that are elaborated below:

  • You need to hold the keys Windows + R
  • Then, type the services.msc in the opened run box and press the Enter key
  • Then, you need move downside of the screen and search out for the service that mentioned as the QuickBooksDB26, QuickBooksDB28, QuickBooksDB29, or QuickBooksDB27
  • Then, click the right side of the mouse to select the exact service and then pinch on the Restart option
  • Once the restarting process completes, you need to attempt to download the QuickBooks.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks File Doctor from QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • You need to add the QuickBooks Tool Hub by downloading from the verified site
  • Open the download material by tap the keys Ctrl + J with the help of the keyboard or you can directly open it by visiting the folder downloads
  • You need to click 2 times continuously on the downloaded QuickBooksToolHub.exe installation file to complete the install. Otherwise, you are not able to use it
  • Accept all the terms and conditions that are displayed and go with the instructions
  • After the installation process, you need to go and open the QuickBooks Tool Hub that is saved on the Desktop
  • If the QuickBooks Tool Hub is missing then you can also use the search field in the Windows Start to save the time
  • Then, operate the QuickBooks Tool Hub and locate the Company File
  • After performing the above steps, you need to opt for the QuickBooks File Doctor and continue the process
  • Now, choose the Check both File Damage and Network Connectivity options and repair the QBFD glitches
  • Once you complete all the steps, give a try to act the same that was harm the QBDMgrN not running in this system.

Solution 3: Confirm the hosting settings

  • At first, visit the QuickBooks on the user’s workstation and select the File
  • In the File tab section, pick up the options Utilities and choose the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access
  • When you view the Host Multi-User option under the list, then, it implies that your hosting setting is perfectly fine on the workstation
  • Then, shift the cursor to the Server computer and open the QB Desktop on it
  • Choose the option Utilities from the File tab
  • After this, you need to ensure that the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option must appear there
  • If it’s not appearing, then you need to take action and tap on the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access to shift to the multi-user access in QuickBooks software.

Solution 4: Do installation process again in QuickBooks Desktop

  • To open the Run box you need to hold the keys Windows + R
  • Need to click Ok on the context box
  • In the program list, select the option QuickBooks
  • Then, you need to uninstall the program first, for this make sure you tap on the Uninstall option and then confirm by clicking on the Ok.
  • Carry the process and follow the appearing instructions to clean the QuickBooks company file
  • Then, you need to choose the correct Country name and QuickBooks version
  • Now, open the search field and you receive the Download link
  • After all this, you need to download the QuickBooks
  • From the download folder that is existed in your system, follow the guidelines that are played on your screen
  • At last, give the product registration details, and once the installation process completes reboot your windows system.

Solution 5: Clear the damage from the QuickBooks Desktop current

  • Under the Run box, you need to hold the keys Windows + R and put the text appwiz.cpl
  • Then, move the cursor near the OK option and click on it
  • Move to the QuickBooks and open the installed program list
  • Then, you have to click twice on the QuickBooks accounting software and choose the Uninstall option, in some systems this option can be written as Change
  • Then, you need to select Continue and click on the Next
  • Select Repair and click on the Next
  • Now, you need to hold for some time until the process completes
  • After the process, make sure you reboot your system at least once.

Solution 6: Update Windows Firewall

  • Windows Firewall is one of the major problems that restrict the working of the QuickBooks database server manager
  • You need to hold the keys Windows + R and need to type Control firewall.cpl
  • Move to the cursor near the OK option and click on it
  • Open the Windows Firewall and Check the status of your updates in the Update your Firewall Settings
  • Tap on the Update Now and Use Recommended Settings options and confirm if any update is left
  • Then, hold for the while and reboot your system at the end is a must.


In this article, you get to know the reason for QuickBooks 2021 Server Not Running issue and solutions for it. Implement any of the solutions and easily resolve your problem. The information this article contains is not a hoax so do not worry it will not put you in trouble. If still, you have the same thoughts then you can call QuickBooks experts through a toll-free number and chat with them on a live chat.


What are the main reasons for the occurrence of the QuickBooks 2021 Server not running?

There are two reasons that cause QuickBooks 2021 Server not running. It can cause due to inappropriate installation of the QuickBooks 2021 version or due to the improper functioning of the Database Server Manager.

How can I operate the QuickBooks database server manager?

You need to search for the QuickBooks Database Server Manager in your system and visit the scan folders and choose the Browse to start the Scanning process.

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