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QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing 2021


Most of the banks allow nightly downloads as well as manual updates, but American Express has different limitations when it comes to download transactions. To refresh the connection between American Express and QuickBooks, we usually update manually. But sometimes, it gives you banking alerts with an error message stating that “We’re working with American Express Business Credit Card (US) to fix your connection”. This ends up as a QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing 2021 error. However, you can try to fix it by acquiring the connection once again. To explore more solutions for such syncing 2021 problems, you can read this blog till the end.

Fixation methods to resolve American Express QuickBooks Not Syncing 2021

You can try fixing the syncing problem by acquiring the connection once again. You might also be able to load the American Express (AMEX) Business Credit Card transaction by disconnecting the connection between QuickBooks and AMEX. Once disconnected then reconnect the account again.

Let’s see each and every step in detail:

Steps to disconnect the connection between QuickBooks and AMEX

  • First, go to the Banking page >> disconnect the Amex account from QuickBooks.
  • Once you disconnect an account:
    • It stays active in QuickBooks but you stop QB from getting your transactions from your bank
    • Later try to reconnect the account
    • The transaction in the “For Review” tab will be deleted
    • You will want to add the transactions before you disconnect it.

Disconnect the American Express bank account:

  • Go to the Banking section from the left menu
  • Next, select Banking
  • After that, go to the Edit (pencil) icon on your account that you want to modify
  • Now, click on the “Edit Account Information”
  • Check the box “Disconnect this account on Save” within the Account window
  • At last, hit Save and Close.

Once you’re done then confirm that the connection is refreshed by disconnecting Intuit through AMEX Online Banking:

  • Disconnect old Intuit connection for each of your American Express business cards
  • Next, login to American Express at
  • Now, you need to toggle your account to Business Card, not the Personal/Corporate Card
  • In the top navigation, click Account Services
  • In your left navigation, click Security & Privacy
  • After that, click Manage Partner Permissions
  • Click on the Intuit to expand the section
  • And then hit Disconnect
  • If you have more than one American Express business cards then repeat the steps above for each of your cards. 

Steps to connect an account once again

To download the recent transaction, you need to reconnect the American Express Open Business card. Also called Bank Feeds, Online Banking is one of the most helpful and time-saving QuickBooks features. Once you connect an account then QB automatically downloads and categorizes your bank and credit card transactions for you. Next, you all have to do is approve the work.

Follow the steps to connect an American Express account in QuickBooks

Step 1: Create an AMEX account in QB

In case, you have not created an American Express Business account on the Chart of Accounts:

  • Go to the Accounting >> Chart of Accounts
  • Select New in order to create an account
  • Using the dropdown menu, select the Credit Card from the Account Type
  • Give a name to your account
  • Once done then click on the Save & Close button.

Step 2: Connect American Express Business account

  • Go to the Banking section or the Transactions menu
  • If you are connecting an account for the first time then click Connect on the Landing page
  • Or
  • If you have already connected online banking accounts in the past then select Add Account
  • Look for the American Express Business Credit Card and select the same
  • Once done then select Continue
  • Sign in with you American Express User ID and password in the pop-up window
  • If the American Express requires an additional security steps then it displays instructions
  • Follow onscreen instructions to do the same
  • Choose accounts that you wish to connect to QuickBooks
  • Select the account type using the dropdown for each account
  • This is the account that you created in the Chart of Accounts in step 1
  • Choose the date range to start the download
  • And finally, select Connect.

Now the American Express accounts are connected, QuickBooks will automatically download transactions. So, you don’t have to worry about entering them manually. 

Hopefully, with the above steps, you’re able to fix QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing 2021. It will also help you to establish the connection once again and without any trouble you can easily download your transaction. For any queries, you can connect your bank representatives or QuickBooks Experts.  


Q1. Why are my American Express accounts grayed out?

Ans: It can happen for a couple of reasons like:

  • If your account is already connected to another QuickBooks company for Online Banking.
  • Incomplete connection on the QuickBooks side of things
  • If this happens then the connection might stop all of sudden or might the browser close part way through.

Q2. How to fix if my American Express accounts are grayed out?

Ans: You can try to fix by disconnecting the grayed out account from the American Express website:

  • Go to the American Express website
  • Select the tab “Security & Privacy”
  • And then select the “Manage Partner Permissions”
  • After that select Intuit to expand the section
  • At last, you have to select the Disconnect to stop the connection. 

Q3. How to fix if I get a bank error or unable to download the transactions in QuickBooks?

Ans: When you connect an online bank with your credit card accounts, QB automatically downloads new transactions. If you’re not getting the latest transactions then it might be possible that the updates stuck. You can try

Step 1: Start a manual download

Step 2: Check bank or your credit card’s website

Step 3: Try to update your bank details in QuickBooks

Step 4: If you still find bank errors then fix specific bank errors separately. 

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