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QuickBooks DSN File


The DSN (Data source name) file is a text file useful in QuickBooks Desktop. This file contains the data needed for the QB system to link to the QB company file. The below article is compiled with the guide related to DSN files and how to access the same. Read moer about QuickBooks file extension.

DSN Files

DSN is the file, system data source, or user name that needs to be created is used by the QuickBooks application when calling the SQLDriverConnect functions or SQLConnect. If you select specifying a file the QuickBooks does not need to run. By default, the ODBC driver will access the company file actively open in QuickBooks to switch between files without any requirement to create individual data sources for the separate company file.

Some related terms to the DSN file:

Application ID:

The Application ID is known as a text value to identify the QB driver to QuickBooks. During the initial connect QuickBooks asks you to permit the driver to access the data. The application id & name is stored in QB to be used internally within QuickBooks and then exposed in the QB log file named qbsdklog.txt.

Application name:

The application name referred to a descriptive test value used to discover the driver to QuickBooks. Once you permit the driver in QuickBooks Desktop to access the data then the name of the application is stored in QB below Edit preferences. Click Integrated Application then choose Company preferences.

Create a DSN file to use as a data source to import ODBC:

The connection requires to be created on the server with a restored database. Here is the list of steps to create a DSN file:

  • Open the control panel
  • Locate Administrative tools
  • Hit Data sources ODBC
  • Choose File DSN option
  • Select Add tab
  • Click SQL Native client in case the ODBC depends on the DB engine
  • Hit Finish button
  • Give a name to the file data source
  • Hit Next tab
  • Choose the suitable DB server
  • Give a click on the Next button
  • Click on the desired authentication method and then enter login credentials
  • Hit Next button
  • Modify the default database to the database with stored data
  • Hit Next button
  • Select  Finish tab
  • Now verify the data source to ensure the connection works correctly
  • Once successful then there will appear a wizard
  • Give a right-click on the table you need to import into
  • Choose Import Data
  • Click Import from the server
  • Verify the option named save this import
  • Choose ODBC Compliant database as the data source
  • Click on the driver to link the DB
  • fileDsn is the file path of the ODBC connection string of the DSN connection  in the ODBC connection string and pwd is the password for the database user account
  • enter the query you need to retrieve the records you require importing to the table
  • next, map the fields and then run the import


Here, the article with the DSN file completes. In case you need to explore more then get connected with a professional team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change the DSN file in QuickBooks?

No, you should not change the file because this file is known as a configuration file in QuickBooks. It exists when users are linked to a company file. Take the professional assistance to delete this file

How would I access the DSN file in QuickBooks?

If you select multi-user the QuickBooks desktop driver will adjust the file to the multi-user mode to let multiple users can update multiple files simultaneously. If you need exclusive write access to the file then choose the single user.

Is there any complexity that takes place if you manually delete the DSN file in QB?

The QuickBooks may not work accurately if you manually delete the DSN file.

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