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Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Non-Profit Support

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Non-Profit Support

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Nonprofit organizations can also employ the power of QuickBooks for bookkeeping. Digital accounting has taken over and is rapidly expanding. In this landscape, QuickBooks has become the king by providing access to various high-end accounting tools and features. In this article, we will look at some of the features that free QuickBooks for nonprofits will find useful.

Is the Enterprise Edition worth for your Nonprofit?

If you are running a medium to large sized nonprofit, then you should get the Enterprise edition. This edition has designed for handling accounts of large enterprises with efficiency. This means that all your accounting tasks will take minimum time if you employ this software in your organization.

QuickBooks Enterprise Features

Advanced Reporting

Reporting is available in all version of QuickBooks, but Advanced Reporting is a niche of only the Enterprise edition. Through advanced reporting, you can unlock a huge number of templates that offer premium data analysis. For analyzing financial data, there is no other better tool available than Advanced Reporting.

The report presented in both graphical and tabular form. Further, additional in-depth findings of the report are provided in summarized as well as detailed form.

Multi-User Mode

For collaboration in large enterprises, the enterprise edition can handle up to 30 users simultaneously. Hardly any enterprise needs more users working on a single company file at once. After the mode is properly configured, all the changes made to the company file are saved directly. Any conflicts in the changes reported later. The performance in multi-user mode has enhanced in the latest version of the software. Now more tools and features are available in both the user modes.

Sales and Tracking

You can track shipments and enter sales in this software. Further, to enhance this feature, you can link it with a POS software. For retail-based nonprofits, this is a great feature. You can even integrate Square and PayPal for faster payment processing.

In the enterprise edition, you can access payments directly. With a Credit Card swiper, you can take in the card details and complete the payment without purchasing a POS software.

Backup and Security

Only for the Enterprise edition of QuickBooks desktop, the company provides backup support. All data in the company file backed up completely. If you encounter an error or have accidentally deleted any data, then you can restore it using the online backup.

For security, there is an end to end encryption which ensures that data can only accessed after entering proper authentication details. Further, user roles can defined to restrict access in order to fortify security. You can even protect yourself further by regularly updating the software.

QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit

QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit is the ultimate financial management solution for nonprofit organizations. With its advanced features and streamlined interface, it makes managing finances a breeze. The software has been designed specifically with nonprofits in mind, so you can rest assured that all your accounting needs will be met. From donor tracking to fundraising event planning, QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit has got you covered. Plus, with customizable reporting options and easy integration with other business applications, this software is ideal for those looking to optimize their operations and maximize efficiency. Whether you’re a small charity or a large organization, QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit is the perfect choice for ensuring your financials are in order so that you can focus on achieving your mission!


We highly value the time of QuickBooks users. Hence, we provide round the clock support for all versions of QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks technical support team guarantees issue resolution within minimum turnaround time. QuickBooks remote support is also available for troubleshooting complex errors and issues.

To know more, feel free to contact QuickBooks helpdesk at ✆+1-800-986-6821(Toll Free)

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