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QuickBooks FCS Service Damaged Windows 10

QuickBooks Fcs Service Is Damaged Windows 10

If you see a dialogue box saying, “Error 15243/12241 FCS service is damaged” popping up on the screen then it indicates that there is an error while updating payroll, which further discredits the QuickBooks FCS service. 

Now to understand this closely, let us get into what FCS stands for.

What does the term FCS signify? 

File Copy Service aka FCS acts like a foundation pillar in managing and handling the file🗄️ transfers that take place during the application updates. 

QuickBooks FCS services help to determine the most regular additions from the official website. After the updates being successfully downloaded via the server 🖥️, 

further, the file will begin to process without any obstacles or interruptions in the background. 

Some possible reasons for QuickBooks FCS service damaged windowsImage of Windows icon png 10

The error usually occurs during the process of updating the payroll. This error is constituted as a common error as it occurs quite often, but due to its best suitable troubleshooting methods, it is resolved quickly and accurately. 

To know as to fix the following error, you need to see the possible causes 😕 which bring it on the face, some causes are listed below: 

A. The most possible reason for this error can be because of the recent QuickBooks software change, resulting in corruption in the Windows registry, most likely i.e; an installation or uninstallation. 

B. If there is an existence of a damaged or disputed QuickBooks File Copy Service i.e; FCS service, this error can occasionally show up. 

C. This error can originate, when there is a possible blockage in accessing the downloaded latest file🗄️ due to Anti-virus.

D. When QuickBooks is being used without an active subscription, this can be another usual reason why this error occurs. 

E. If QuickBooks Payroll is not being updated to the latest version, it can also result in the occurrence of this error.

F. One of the most basic reasons can be, Incomplete installation. 

How to resolve QuickBooks FCS service damaged windows 10?

The following error QuickBooks FCS service damaged Windows 10 is very common but can be resolved with the help of listed methods, if performed accurately and according to the steps mentioned.

Check out the following methods to resolve the FCS service damaged windows 10 issue:

Method 1: To re-validate the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

  1. For the very first step, proceed to Open 📂the QuickBooks Software. 
  1. Now, from the software move to the option naming, Employees menu.
  2. From the Employees menu grid, scroll-down to select My Payroll Service.
  3. Once you are done with the subsequent steps, an option will appear on the screen.
  4. Account/Billing Information option that is shown on the screen, now proceed to tick mark the same and continue with the remaining steps.
  5. After the subsequent step, hit on the option Exit.
  6. Once, you select the Exit option, further, it will start with the process of validation. 
  7. Ensure to finish the process accurately.
  8. For the last step, try again to update  your QuickBooks Payroll account.

Method 2: Modify the settings in Internet Explorer

  1. For the foremost step, launch your system and proceed to move to Internet Explorer.
  2. On the screen, move towards the icon naming Gear. 
  3. After following the subsequent step, click on the Internet.
  4. The screen will hold a Security tab, continue with the process by clicking on the Security tab.
  5. From this tab, choose the option naming, TRusted sites from the tab grid. 
  6. To continue, proceed by selecting the option, Site.
  7. Add “” and “” [use this for the Candian QB version].
  8. Add “” and “” [use this for the US QB version].
  9. After the above-mwntioned steps are carried out, further go to shut the Open window.
  10. For the last step, move to click on Apply and then hit on the button OK.

Important information: 

Steps 7 and 8 need to be carried out after the 6 steps i.e; the Site option.

Method 3: To Perform a clean QuickBooks installation on your system

  1. To carry forward with the first step, use the Ctrl+R key combination from the keyboard in order to open the Run Window.
  2. Once the Run window is open on the system, proceed by typing the MSConfig in the same window.
  3. After the subsequent step, continue the process by clicking on the button Enter.
  4. Next, a new window will open among this, a tab with the name General will appear, hit on the same.
  5. After selecting the General tab, next is to select the Selective Startup option.
  6. Now, on the window, a box will appear with the name Load System services along with the Load the startup items.
  7. Then, go over to the Services tab and deselect all of the items mentioned there.
  8. The next step is to, check the box next to the option, and proceed to turn off all Microsoft Services.
  9. For the following step, now, restart your system.
  10. Now, via using the Control Panel simply delete the software from your system .
  11. After the subsequent step, now proceed to re-install the software via using the QuickBooks clean install. 
  12. For the very last step, you can accurately download the most updated version readily available of the QuickBooks account. 

Method 4: To enable the QuickBooks Desktop FCS account

  1. For the foremost step, start by pressing the Ctrl+R key combination at the same time in order to open the Run window.
  2. Now, in the appeared window of Run, proceed to type COMPMGMT.MSC into the Run command, and click   🖱️on the OK option. 
  3. After the subsequent step, a new Computer Management Window will open. 
  4. To continue with the process, now hit on the option Services and Applications. 
  5. Now, move to check on the Services option.
  6. Browse and locate the Intuit QuickBooks FCS and then double-click on the same option, once found.
  7. After this, choose the option listed as Manual and press on Startup type.
  8. Now, proceed to click on the option Apply.
  9. Hit on the OK button to finish the process of this method.

What are the possible symptoms of QuickBooks FCS Service is damaged Windows 10?

In order to identify the symptoms of QuickBooks FCS service damaged Windows 10, take a close look at the listed below points: 

  1. One of the most evident symptoms can be if your system Window begins to run very slowly.
  2. Another extremely evident cause is that your system might crash due to this.
  3. Also, the systemstarts to freeze for a few seconds. 

The following listed methods are listed properly in a manner to help resolve the QuickBooks FCS service damaged Windows 10. Carry out the best one according to the cause of your occurrence of this issue. 


The above-mentioned information is laid out in a way to properly help users to gain knowledge about QuickBooks FCS service damaged Windows Image of Windows icon png 10 concept, its possible symptoms, and the following various methods to carry out in fixing the same.

You should be able to deal with QuickBooks FCS service is damaged in Windows 10 and much more easily and effortlessly, if you use to follow the solutions listed in this articleImage of Article icon png in a detailed and accurate manner. If you are still facing problems after implementing the solutions listed above, or have any doubts concerning the information listed above, you can get in touch with the QuickBooks experts 🕵️‍♀️ team helpdesk💁.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 🙏

1. Is it possible to resolve QuickBooks FCS service damaged Windows 10? 

Yes, it is possible to resolve QuickBooks FCS service damaged Windows 10 by installing all Windows Updates. Here are the steps:

  • First, press on the Windows Start button and then proceed to type Update in the search box.
  • Second, hit on the Enter key and select the Install Updates button from the appeared Windows Update Dialogue box.
  • Third, the last step is to hit on the button OK.

2. Can Payroll Repair assist in the repair of a corrupted QuickBooks FCS server?

In order to fix the corrupted QuickBooks FCS server, Payroll is one of the best resolution methods among all. The issue takes place mostly while the processing of payroll procedure, it is fair only that Payroll repair is the best fix for it. 

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