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QuickBooks Has Reached The Maximum Number Of Unregistered Users


When you open QuickBooks desktop point of sale then there might occur one error named QuickBooks has reached the maximum number of users accessing the company at one time. This error happens because of the damaged license, incomplete QB point of sale installation, or multiple workstations are active than the number of the purchased licenses. The below post is compiled with a troubleshooting guide to tackle the situation when QuickBooks has reached the maximum number of unregistered users.

What are the primary causes behind the QuickBooks system reaching the maximum number of unregistered users?

  • When the log file gets frozen and the workstations are required to be rebooted
  • Damaged licenses
  • Corrupted installation of the QB Desktop point of sale
  • Third-party or a firewall blocks the workstation of the client from the server
  • More unregistered users are open

How to rectify QuickBooks have reached the maximum number of unregistered users?

Method 1- Check the licensed user’s number & sync license data online:

  • Locate the Help button
  • Choose Manage my license tab
  • Hit sync license  data online
  • Select OK
  • Click the Help option then choose Manage my license
  • Select Buy additional user license
  • Check the license user number
  • In case the license numbers is less than expected then reach the professional team. If its right then follow the further step

Method 2- Close all workstations:

  • Firstly click on the Exit button using the file option to close the QB point of sale
  • Avoid clicking on the X button on the upper right corner of the screen
  • If you close the system it will not free up the licenses
  • Next reboot the workstations
  • This will block POS from opening several workstations
  • If rebooting failed to fix the error then proceed to the next solution

Method 3- Delete the entitlement data folder contents:

  • Open the point of sale server
  • Now give a right-click on the start option then select open Windows  explorer
  • Hit Organize then click the Folder button & search options
  • Locate the view option then choose show hidden files & folders then unselect the checkbox associated with hiding protected system operating files
  • Hit the yes button to the warning then click OK
  • Locate the location C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\XX
  • Now press CTRL + A + Delete from the keyboard
  • Hit the Yes button on the pop-up message
  • This will allow you to delete all the contents of the folder simultaneously
  • Open the QB point of sale
  • Now complete the registration procedure again

Method 4- Rename the WSActivity file:

  • Locate the C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini
  • Now give a right-click on the WSActivity
  • Choose Rename button
  • Fill OLDWSActivity
  • Now hit anywhere to save the detail
  • Next open QB Point of sale

Method 5- internet security and other third-party firewalls configuration to permit access:

  • Start the QuickBooks Point of Sale Firewall configuration
  • Now use the QB point of sale connectivity utility to discover the conflict in network & security setup

Method 6- Uninstall & re-install QB Desktop point of sale:

  • Firstly reinstall QB Desktop point of sale on the server system
  • Update the QB point of sale to the advanced release
  • Click on the help button then choose Manage My License
  • Hit Sync license data online
  • Choose OK
  • Locate the Help option then click Manage My License
  • Click Buy Additional user license
  • Check the number of licensed users


Hopefully, the article completes! If the error QuickBooks Has Reached the Maximum Number of Unregistered Users is not fixed then get connected to the professional team.  Use a live chat, email address, or phone number to reach the team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I need to delete the duplicate user?

  • Choose Settings then click Manage users tab
  • Hit Delete option to highlight the irrelevant user name

How would I add to another company file for QB online accountant?

  • First of all login to the QuickBooks online account
  • Choose Settings tab on the toolbar
  • Click on Your Account button
  • Locate Personal profile option then click Edit personal detail
  • Below “your sign in information” tab then choose Change sign in info
  • Choose Continue button
  • Use the email address & password to sign in
  • Choose Edit button in the row named User ID
  • Fill the new user ID & active password
  • Hit Save button
  • Choose Edit tab in the row labelled email address
  • Write & confirm wrong email address & active password
  • Hit Save button
  • Choose Save & close tab

How can I provide administrative privileges for user?

  • Choose Settings tab then click Manage users
  • Click Edit in the column named Action to edit the user
  • Choose Admin tab from the drop-down named user type
  • Click on Save & close option

How would I delete a user in QuickBooks?

  • Choose Settings tab
  • Click Manage users
  • Choose the arrow icon named in the column to delete
  • Hit Delete tab
  • Choose Delete again in the confirmation window.

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