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QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts Desktop (Windows)

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QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts Desktop (Windows)

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QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts are a unique way of increasing productivity and boosting efficiency. Intuit reasises this as well and in turn has provided new shortcut keys in QuickBooks enterprise 2018.

Quickbooks Keyboard shortcuts make it easier for users to access certain features of this accounting software. These shortcuts help users in accomplishing tasks more efficiently.

There are a lot of tools in QUICKBOOKS. If you want to work efficiently, then you may not want to be hindered by the various steps you need to follow to launch a particular tool. Hence, in this scenario, it would be appropriate to configure a keyboard shortcut for the tool.

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Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

In the latest version of QuickBooks, you can even customize all the shortcut keys according to your requirements. These shortcuts can be binded to a particular task, tool or feature in order to eliminate the various steps that users would otherwise have to take.

Here are Some of the Most Common QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts:

WorkKeyboard Shortcut
Start QuickBooks without opening any company fileCtrl + Double Click(Left mouse)
Copy a particular transactionCtrl + C
Cut a particular transactionCtrl + X
Cancel a particular form or transactionEsc
Enter Record after filling up the transaction formEnter key
Edit a particular transactionCtrl + E

All of these shortcuts are regularly used by efficient QuickBooks users. In order to accomplish tasks quickly, you can implement these keyboard shortcuts in your workflow as well. Users also have the option to create customized keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts can be used for opening particular tools or accessing certain features quickly.

Other New Features in QuickBooks 2018

QuickBooks 2018 comes packed with great features that help in improving the efficiency of users.

Support for Multiple Monitors

QuickBooks now officially supports displaying the software on multiple windows. Users who regularly tally transactions would really appreciate this feature. Setting this up is quite easy, all you need is an additional monitor. For now, up to 3 monitors are supported at once.

Communication Tool

This tool has been modified in order to function like an inbuilt chat application for QuickBooks. When switching from multi-user mode to single user mode, the user must ensure that all other users are logged out of QuickBooks, otherwise their data will be lost. To make this easier, users can now take benefit of the communication tool to inform colleagues that they are going to switch to single user mode. This will ensure that no data is lost for any of the logged in users.

Improvement for Multi-User Mode

Multi-user mode has been available for quite a while in QUICKBOOKS. To make things better, Intuit has configured many of the single user mode features for multi user mode. Hence, for most of your accounting tasks, you will not have to switch between user modes. Also, the time it takes to switch between user modes has been reduced significantly to the delight of the users.

More Report Templates

For better data analysis, you will have access to more inbuilt report templates, These templates can be used directly or customized according to the requirement of the user. Further, the user can use multiple filters on these templates to get a better analysis of the accounting data.

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