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Easy and Possible Solutions to Repair Corrupt QuickBooks File

Easy and Possible Solutions to Repair Corrupt QuickBooks File

QuickBooks Error

QuickBooks not opening due to corrupt file is a major issue faced by users of this accounting software. With QuickBooks technical assistance provided by RepairContact, you can easily get through this issue. Our round the clock QuickBooks technical help service can help you in recovering lost accounting data from a damaged company file. If any other file is corrupt, then we will fix the file, replace it or install a fresh copy on your system.

Specific Corrupt File

If you specifically know the file that is corrupt, then you can follow this procedure. You can do a google search of the file and file a perfect, not damaged copy of the same. After downloading this new file, you can replace the old file with it. Once you have done so, the error resolved. Repeat the steps for all of the corrupt files.

Unidentifiable Corrupt Files

If you cannot find the damaged QuickBooks files, then you have the following two options:

  • Repair QuickBooks.
  • Install a fresh copy of QuickBooks.

Repair Corrupt QuickBooks File

To repair, you will need the installer for QuickBooks. Most programs on windows can be repaired simply via the Control Panel. These programs are often small and contain the repair files in the installed folder. For programs like QuickBooks, that occupy a lot of space, the installer is required to perform the repair.

To Repair Corrupt QuickBooks File Follow the Steps Provided Below:

  1. Open the installer.
  2. Instead of Install click on Repair.
  3. Click Yes on the confirmation box.
  4. Wait for the process to finish.
  5. Click on Finish.

Apart from the system files, you can even have damaged files for software that QuickBooks relies on for running on windows. One such software is the .NET Framework. This framework is available for free via Microsoft’s website. You can download a copy of the software and reinstall it on your system.

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Reinstall QuickBooks

To reinstall, we first need to uninstall the current copy of QuickBooks. For this follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Select QuickBooks.
  3. Click on Uninstall.
  4. Once the uninstallation is complete, click on Finish.

Note: We would recommend that you create a backup copy of both the company file and the preference file for QuickBooks. Both of these files can be found in the same folder.

Of course, you will require administrative privileges to uninstall and then install QuickBooks. Ensure that you logged into windows with an administrative account or have administrative privileges. Now you can reinstall QuickBooks by initiating the installer. Follow the instructions and the copy of QuickBooks will be install. Once done you should import the previous company and preference files into the fresh copy of QuickBooks. The company file contains all of the accounting data stored in QuickBooks .

The preference file stores all the user preferences and settings. Once both are import, you’ll back in the same properly configured workspace that you were in previously.

Note: If the preference file damaged, you can simply delete it. On next initiation, QuickBooks will automatically create a new preference file for storing all of your predefined settings.

In some cases, the company file for QuickBooks may get damaged due to various reasons. The company file holds accounting data entered by the user. Without this file all your accounting data will be loss. You can use the

QuickBooks File Doctor

to fix some of the errors related to the company file. For more complex errors, you will have to get in touch with certified QuickBooks experts. To get details or for any QuickBooks related queries, speak to our RepairContact QuickBooks tech support team at ✆+1-800-986-6821(Toll Free.)

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