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QuickBooks Not Taking Out Taxes 2021


QuickBooks not taking out taxes 2021 or payroll taxes are not deducting from your paychecks problems that arise due to a number of reasons. The reasons can be exceeding the salary limit from the total annual salary, using outdated QuickBooks version and tax table, and more. However, there can be several other reasons behind why QB is not taking out taxes correctly on a paycheck. Use the suggestion as suggested in the blog to determine what is causing the inconsistency in your situation and then proceed with the required troubleshooting. Let’s explore the possible causes of the error and then proceed with one by one solution to fix the QuickBooks payroll error.

Possible causes of QuickBooks not taking out taxes 2021

Here are few reasons due to which the error occurs:

  • QuickBooks is not updated
  • An internet interference while you update
  • You might be using incorrect tax table version
  • Employee’s YTD if off
  • The salary exceeds the limitation from the total annual salary
  •  Employee’s Gross wage of the existing payroll is very less.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks not taking out taxes 2021

You can try resolving your error by updating QB and the tax table to its latest release. After these updates, you will need to revert on paycheck to refresh and then enter the information again so that the taxes will finally take out the taxes correctly. Let’s precede these solutions in details one after one below:

Section 1: Check if there is any latest release available

Before you move to the update process, it is also important to check the latest update release. Here’s how:

  • First, open your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Next, press F2 key or Ctrl + 1 in order to open the window of Product Information
  • Here, you can check the current version or about the latest release.

Check if you have the latest available release for your version:

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2021 (This QB version is the most recent release)
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2020
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2019
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Section 2: Perform updates process

There are varieties of ways to update the latest release. It includes automatic updates, schedule future automatic updates, get updates from the Internet, or do manual updates.

To fix the error instantly, you can follow the steps to updates QuickBooks Desktop manually:

  • Initially, download the latest updates from Intuit official website
  • Next, you need to close your company files as well as QB
  • Now, go to the Windows Start menu and search for QuickBooks Desktop
  • Perform a right-click on the icon and then choose “Run as an Administrator”
  • Go to the help menu while you’re on the No Company Open window
  • Select the option “Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • After that, move to the Options tab and then pick Mark All followed by Save
  • Once saved then go to the Update Now tab and select the checkbox “Reset Update”
  • Select Get Updates when everything is set
  • When the update is successfully done then reopen QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hit yes if it asks you to install the Updates.
  • When the installation successfully finishes then finally restarts your PC. 

Section 3: Download the latest tax table in QuickBooks Desktop

Since it is a QuickBooks Not Taking out Taxes 2021 and a payroll related error, it is necessary to update the tax table with its latest release. As per the latest 2021 update, you are no longer to update the tax table via CD.

That’s why, you need to manually update it, let’s see how:

  • The very first, select Employees and then choose Get Payroll Updates
  • Next, select the checkbox named “Download Entire Update”
  • Now, select the Download Latest Update
  • Finally, an informational window will open once the download is successfully completed. 

Section 4: Save or revert pending payroll checks

QuickBooks Desktop lets you save paychecks and then return later back to finish creating payroll without any data loss.

To save payroll checks and continue later:

  • Go to the Employees >> Pay Employees >> Scheduled Payroll or Unscheduled Payroll
  • Select relevant schedule with the section “Create Paychecks”
  • Next, select Start Scheduled payroll
  • Check the Ends date of Pay Period, check date and then bank account via which the money is withdrawn
  • To view paycheck details of everyone, you need to select Open Paycheck Detail
  • To move to the next employee, select Save & Next
  • To go back to the window named “Enter payroll Information” select Save & Close tab and it will save the changes that are done. 

To revert on paychecks:

To undo the modification that is made to your employee’s paycheck:

  • Go to the Employees section and select Pay Employees >> Scheduled Payroll or Unscheduled payroll
  • Pick the option “Resume Scheduled Payroll”
  • Do a right-click on the Employee name which you want to undo the changes
  • At last, select the Revert Paychecks option.

So, the above discussed are the solutions to fix QuickBooks Not Taking Out Taxes 2021. However, most of the QuickBooks payroll error occurs due to outdated versions or you might have not updated your software and its payroll subscription. That’s why, it is always recommended that you keep your software and payroll update with the recent release version. 


Q1. What can be the reasons when taxes are calculated incorrectly or zero in QuickBooks Payroll?

Ans: Many times, you save payroll before downloading a payroll update, edit tax information of an employee, edit tax rates, etc. These are the main reasons for causing taxes to calculate wrong or zero. This is mainly because you saved the paychecks before making modifications that would affect the tax calculations. In that case, it is necessary to revert on paycheck.

Q2. How to check the Payroll Item is entered in the correct format?

Ans: Go to the Employees menu and select Payroll Item List. Choose the payroll item which you look to check. Select Edit payroll Item from the Payroll Item menu. Hit “Next” until the tax rates screen appears. Now, adjust the rates as required and then hit “Next” followed by the Finish tab.

Q3. When and how to verify the pay period, deductions/exemptions, and marital status on the employee’s record

Ans: You are required to check the pay period, deductions/exemptions, and marital status on the employee’s record if the federal or state withholding on an employee’s paycheck looks too low or too high. To check them for possible errors:

  • Go to the Employees menu and select Employee List
  • Choose the employee whose details you look to edit or view
  • Select the Edit Employee from the Employee menu tab
  • Use the Change buttons to locate the Payroll and Compensation information section
  • Hit the Taxes button on the Payroll Info tab
  • Verify state and federal taxes settings and do the required modifications
  • Go back to the Payroll Info tab and verify the selected Pay Period
  • Finally, hit Ok to save the changes that are made.

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