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QuickBooks Payroll Update 2021 Not Working


As you know, the latest release of the QuickBooks Payroll brings new and improved features. Along with many benefits, users face many issues while updating the QuickBooks Payroll update. This blog might be helping you to resolve your all queries related to the QuickBooks Payroll Update 2021 not working. The user has to be meeting the new release with system requirements.

Warning Messages

Several error messages appear on your screen while updating the Payroll latest version.

  • Window freezes
  • QuickBooks Unable to open
  • QuickBooks Payroll Update Not working

What are the causes behind the QuickBooks Payroll update 2021 Not working?

  • Improper internet connections
  • Invalid Insecurity Certificate
  • When the user sends payroll on the multi-user mode, then this error encounter error
  • Incorrect Date and time of your system
  • Network Time out the issue is the major cause due to which payroll pops-up
  • Firewall configuration blocks you to update the latest edition

Checklist, before proceeding to any troubleshooting

  •  Go to your PC settings and check the date and time. If you find anything incorrect then first correct it
  • Make sure you download the latest payroll tax table. To do this, open the Payroll updates and click on the “Update” button
  • Ensure, you run the payroll programs in the single-mode user. Go to the File menu and then choose the “Single User Mode” option
  • A valid subscription is necessary to send the payroll. If you find any issue then check and verify to ensure
  • Update the latest version of the QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll and all integrated applications
  • Check and verify the accessibility of a secure website link from the web browser. If you find any problem then try to switch the router to the default
  • Check and verify the system’s firewall and other third-party firewall applications if they blocking your QuickBooks from internet access.

How to troubleshoot to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Update 2021 Not Working?

Troubleshooting 1: Clear the Internet Explorer’s browsing history

  • First of all, open internet explorer web browser
  • Go to the General tab and hit the browsing history
  • Check and verify the temporary Internet Files
  • Then, hit the Delete button
  • Moving forward with displayed instructions to send the Payroll

Troubleshooting 2: Remove the DNS utilizing the command prompt

  • Hit the Windows + R key simentenously to view the Run window
  • From the text box of the Run window, you have to write CMD
  • Then hit the Enter key and write “flushdns/in config” and then hit the Enter key
  • After this, send the Payroll once again and you are all resolved with the error

Troubleshooting 3: Exclude Revocation from the internet explore with these following steps:

  • Hit the first click on the “Tool” section in the internet explorer
  • Choose the Internet option and hit the click on the “Advanced” tab
  • Open the Security tab and then uncheck the “Check for publishers’ revocation”  and the “Check for Server certificate revocation”
  • Hit the OK button
  • After this, restart your system and then try to send the payroll data

Troubleshooting 4: The user has to restore the advanced settings of the internet explorer

  • In the first step, you have to close all QuickBooks application in the background
  • Hit the next click on the “Tools” section from the internet explorer list menu options
  • And then choose the internet options
  • Go to the Advanced tab and hit the “Restore Advanced Settings”
  • Now, you have to choose the settings to ensure that you have to utilize TLS 1.0 is checked or TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 are unmarked
  • Hit the OK button and then exit the internet explorer
  • At last, restart your system and they attempt to send the payroll data 


Thank you for reading this blog, I hope the above information was helpful for you to resolve your all queries related to the QuickBooks Payroll Update 2021 not working. So, you can run this new version without any issue to meet the advanced features of QuickBooks. For more queries, get in touch with QuickBooks Pro-Advisors.


How would I correct the payroll date in QuickBooks Payroll Update 2021?

Firstly, open the Pay run that you are required to change the pay period Dated. Then, choose the “Pay run actions” section and click on the Adjust Pay period“option. All options will appear on your screen, you have to choose the “Pay Period endings”  Enter the date the pay run will be paid and hit the Save button. Once you meet with valid dates then the pay period will be updated.

How to repair the payroll errors in QuickBooks?

Go to the Help menu and then select the “About QuickBooks” option. Hit the Ctrl + ALT +Y at the same time and then hit the NEXT button. Open the Employees window and then choose that specified employee that was underpaid. Once you are done with this instruction then hit the click on the “Employees Name” and then review the adjustment details and click the OK button.

How can I check my current payroll update?

Open your QuickBooks and go to the left pane. The menu list will appear on your screen, open the Employees section and then choose the “Payroll” update. If you find the latest update then hit the Install button.

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