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QuickBooks Pro Version for windows is a premium accounting software provided by Intuit. It is aimed towards simplifying day to day financial management tasks of small and medium sized businesses.

Among other things, the most important benefit of QuickBooks Pro is its cost efficiency. QuickBooks Pro version for windows can also be hosted on the cloud for better accessibility.

QuickBooks Pro Features

Record Transactions Faster

Maintaining a journal and ledger through the traditional way can be daunting and requires a lot of manpower, especially if you’re running an organization. What you need is a quick way to record each and every transaction.

QuickBooks Pro can help you with this. It has inbuilt forms that can be created and saved easily. You can enter the transaction in forms like invoices and bills. These transactions are then noted automatically into the journal and ledger.


Since you’re running an organization, you will have to pay your employees on time. With QuickBooks Pro, you can store all the personally identifiable information of your employees into a secure database. Also, you can deposit the paycheck directly into the bank account of your employees. Apart from this, you also have to pay employee related taxes.

These include the W2s and W3s. Filing them on time can be difficult, especially with the changing requirements and tax tables. In QuickBooks Pro, you get updated tax tables through which you can calculate and file these taxes online.


Running an organization means cutting as many unnecessary costs as possible. Maximizing profits can be difficult if you cannot identify the expenses that are eating into them. No need to worry as QuickBooks Pro is here to help you even in this dire situation.

With this accounting software, you can create detailed reports. These reports offer valuable insights through which you can identify expenses that you should not be undertaking. Also, the graphical representation of these reports helps in acing presentation in front of partners and other managers.

Multi-Monitor Support

Accounting often includes tallying of transactions from different accounts and forms. To make this easier, Intuit recently introduced multi-monitor support in QuickBooks. By switching this feature on, you can view QuickBooks simultaneously on 3 different monitors. You can even open separate windows on each of these monitors.

Multi-User Mode

If you are running your business in partnership, or many employees in your organization are involved in managing finances, then this features will fit right in with your requirements. With this features properly configured and turned on, multiple users can work simultaneously on the accounting data.

Hence, you will experience an increase in productivity. Further, some of the latest versions of QuickBooks, make it really fast to switch between single user and multi user mode.


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