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Quickbooks Tech Support – Fix Cannot Verify & Validate Error

Quickbooks Tech Support – Fix Cannot Verify & Validate Error

QuickBooks Error

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QuickBooks cannot verify and validate is a networking error. It requires advanced knowledge of networking and operating system to fix. Luckily, our QuickBooks technical assistance team has the kind of specialized and in-depth knowledge required for resolving this error. Further, we provide round the clock QuickBooks assistance, making it easier to get this networking error resolved.

QuickBooks Networking Errors

These errors are related to network connection of the user’s system to the internet. There can be various implications of a networking error and can be caused by multiple issues including:

  • Ports blocked by ISP
  • Ports blocked by Security software
  • Internet not working
  • Network not configured properly

In most cases, our experts have noted that the issue arises due to security software. These software often mistake a normal connection with a malicious one. This in turn leads to the ports being blocked by the firewall software. Windows firewall has often been known to block connection through certain ports through QB. We need to manually configure the ports in order to get the network connection working for QuickBooks.

Why is the network being blocked?

The network is being blocked for a single reason by your security software. The reason is that the software sees the network connection through that particular port as a threat. In order to minimize the threat, the connection is blocked. Overriding this behaviour is quite easy and can be done with simple changes to the settings of the firewall.

Switching off the firewall

The easiest way to check if the firewall is causing the issues is to deactivate it. After deactivating, if the connection is successful, then you can look below for a permanent solution.

To disable windows firewall on your system, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open Windows and log in as an administrator
  2. Go to control panel
  3. Click on Windows Firewall
  4. Click on Disable Windows Firewall
  5. Save the settings

Now validate the transaction or subscription. If the validation is successful, then you can follow the steps provided below. Also, we hope that you are logged in as an administrator as these privileges would be required for making changes to the settings in windows.

Inbound and Outbound Rules

These rules guide the firewall on what to do with incoming and outgoing network requests through particular ports. We will use these rules to customize the firewall settings according to our requirements. In this case we want to allow a connection of QB through particular ports.

To create inbound rules, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Settings
  2. Select Inbound Rules
  3. Click on New from left panel
  4. Follow the instructions provided by the rules window
  5. Select Allow network connection
  6. Enter name and description for the new inbound rule
  7. Click on save

Once the rule has been created, you can follow the same steps for creating the outbound rules. Now you’ve permanently resolved this error. Now go back to control panel and activate Windows firewall.

Contact ISP

Internet service providers often have settings in place to block connections through certain ports. You can contact your ISP and have then unblock the port through which QuickBooks needs to validate. Once this is done, check if the validation is successful.

RepairContact QuickBooks Technical Support Team

With RepairContact, you have the ability to increase your accounting efficiency manyfolds. If you’re struggling with some error like this one, then our QuickBooks assistance team can resolve it for you and that too within minimum turnaround time. To make things better, they can even optimize your system and defragment the disks. To know more, get in touch with QuickBooks assistance helpdesk at 1-800-986-6821(Toll Free.)

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