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Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153


The error code 49153 is an Access denied error in Sage 300 which generally takes place while logging in to the Database. This majorly happens when using verify option in the Database setup for performing database connection testing. The error appears like “Cannot access database Error=49153″ may appear. The reason is the system failed to connect to the database in the newly installed system, client, or workstation. Let’s delve into the below article to know in detail the troubleshooting guide to resolve Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153

Why did “Sage 300 Access Denied error code 49153” happen?

Here are the factors triggering the access denied error:

  • Unable to connect Sage 300 to the database
  • Network failures

How to resolve the Access denied error message 49153 in Sage 300?

Following are the methods to resolve the issue:

Fix the error on the client computer:

  • First of all open the Sage Database Setup
  • Click on the tab named Company
  • Hit the System Database Profiles button
  • Now check the server name and data source
  • Next, Make sure the database and Login ID names has been set
  • Now open the Control Panel, click Administrative tools, hit Data sources(ODBC)
  • It will open the ODBC data source Administrator
  • Next use the tab labeled System DSNs to discover the server name and data source name
  • After this confirm the SQL Server name in the DSN entry
  • Fill the User ID with the password in the SQL Authentication window
  • Now confirm the other remaining settings set as default
  • Next click on the DSN to test the database connectivity
  • Once successful then write the IP address in the DSN field
  • Now test again the connectivity of the database
  • If the connection failed then here are the steps you need to follow:
  • The user ID you are using failed to have permission to access the SQL Server
  • Now the SQL Server may not be ready to provide the connection

Fix the unable to access database error 40153 in a newly installed server:

Follow the jotted down pointers to connect the system to the database:

  • Open the service running in the SQL Server
  • Now set the TCPIP Static port in the SQL Server network configuration window
  • Set the service name protocols, IP Addresses option, TCPIP Properties, and the TCP Dynamic ports box to empty
  • Check you have configured the SQL Server instance to use the right port
  • The Firewall permits incoming traffic to the port named configured TCPIP
  • Verify-in the group policy in the router tab to check Security system is not blocking the service

Fix the error code” Cannot access database” when login to the existing computer:

  • Open the client computer
  • Now follow the below steps:
  • Open the Sage database setup
  • Click on the Company & system database profiles
  • The next thing is the check the server name or data source, database names, and login ID
  • Next, use the control panel to launch the ODBC Data Source Administrator
  • Now locate the System DNSs option
  • Discover the Data source name/Server name
  • Now after confirming the DNS entry in the SQL Server, enter the User ID & password in the Authentication window
  • Checks out the remaining settings are set as default
  • Run the database connectivity test from the DSN
  • Or use the Windows command prompt to ping the server name to verify address resolution & connectivity
  • Fill the IP Address
  • Check the User ID has been used and having rights to access the SQL Server


Here the article named “Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153” came to an end! Hopefully, the write-up is beneficial for you. Now get connected to the Sage 300 expert’s team to know more or for in-depth resolution. You can use a live chat or send an email with your concerns to get exceptional assistance from the team. Taking a helping hand is a great time savior!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How would I open the ODBC data source in my system?

Follow the link:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe on 64-bit PCs.

What If the database connectivity failed while troubleshooting the error?

  • In such case, you can open the Window command Prompt
  • After that pings the server name
  • It will help you in testing address resolution & connectivity

Can I use the IP address to test the connection?

Yes you can directly use the IP address for testing the connectivity

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