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Sage 50 Error Installing Pervasive


When installing pervasive and Actian Zen database in Sage 50 and facing several types of errors like unable to install pervasive, fail to install Sage 50, error: “error installing pervasive”, database service manager fails to stop working error, error code 22665 and more. The below write-up is rounded with the troubleshooting guide to fix the pervasive PSQL server engine installation error.

How to Identify Error Installing Pervasive error in Sage 50?

  • Unable to install Sage 50
  • Error” Aborting install: Error installing Pervasive”
  • Database service manager fails to work

Why does Sage 50 error installing pervasive error happens?

Below is the list of factors leading to error in Actian zen and pervasive installation:

  • Security system blocking configuration and installation
  • Enabled User Account Control
  • Other executing applications blocking pervasive installation or configuration
  • Damaged pervasive or Actian Zen installation
  • Corrupted installation files
  • Damaged installation folder and wrong security settings
  • Incorrect or mistakenly deleted pervasiveMin folder from the installation folder
  • Not having admin rights
  • Installed 64-bit PSQL Server engine
  • Incorrect Firewall and Antivirus program causing the error

How to troubleshoot Sage 50 error installing pervasive?

Firstly you have to restart the system. Now walk through the below methods to fix the issue:

Resolution 1- Security settings, Security software, or other application preventing installation:

  • Before proceeding with the installation procedure you need to disable the antivirus program on the system
  • Make sure you disable the UAC (User Account Control) then here are the steps:
  • Click on the Start button
  • Choose Control Panel window
  • Hit User Accounts then select option named Turn User Account control on or off
  • Choose tab which says use user Account Control
  • Select OK button
  • Now reboot the system for modification to take effect
  • It may require installing Selective Setup
  • Locate setup.exe and give a right-click on it
  • Choose Run as administrator
  • Check the security settings on the installation folder default location
  • Click on the System and Everyone tab having full control

Solution 2- Check you using the correct installer:

  • Ensure you using setup.exe option appears on the install directory on the Sage version you are installing
  • Check the location of the setup file
  • Close the install wizard
  • Search for the right directory
  • Double-click on the setup.exe file

Solution 3- Reinstall and uninstall Pervasive or Actian Zen:

  • Search to the installation folder at C:\Sage\Sage50_[version]
  • Find the program path and data path
  • Now open the folder named peachtreeInstaller20xx with the below steps:
  • Open the folder labeled PervasiveMin
  • Click on the Run SetupWorkgroup32_x86.exe
  • Choose Next button
  • Now accept the license agreement
  • Hit Next button
  • Choose the Run as a Service tab and then click on the Next option
  • Click on Complete and then hit the Next tab
  • Choose Install and then give a click on the Finish button

Solution 4- Check windows user rights:

  • Check the active user is a windows local administrator
  • If it is not then grant the user local admin rights
  • If there is a domain network then check the active user is both a domain and local admin
  • If not the login as an administrator

Solution 5- Check if there is an insupportable version of Actian or pervasive system:

  • Open the Control panel
  • Click Programs and Feature
  • If found now uninstall the pervasive, it may appear Actian PSQL v12 server Engine SP1
  • Check you can install the Pervasive program in Sage

Help and Support:

Hopefully, the information is helpful to rectify all the hindrances in installing a pervasive database in Sage 50. If you are seeking further assistance then get connected to the Sage 50 expertise team and get exceptional advice on tackling any type of errors. 


How do I run the standard installation in the Server?

  • Browse to \\<servername>\PeachtreeInstaller20xx
  • Click on the folder named Peachw
  • Hit install folder
  • Locate _Setup.exe, give a right-click on it
  • Choose Run as administrator

How would I boot into a selective startup in Sage 50?

  • Open run window
  • Enter MSConfig
  • Choose OK button
  • Click on the tab named General, unselect the Load startup items option
  • Hit on the option labeled Services
  • Verify hide all Microsoft services
  • Click on Disable All
  • Hit Ok
  • Now restart the system

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