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Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

When accessing the Sage 50 company file then there might encounter several errors. These are unable to open the program, message displays “ sage 50 error loading current company file”, missing data after a conversation, or unable to open company after server updates or more. The below article will help you get rid of Sage 50 unable to load the company file.

How to identify error: “loading current company file”?

  • When you launch the Sage program then there happens unable to load company file
  • Fail to open the program
  • Need to forcefully open the splash window
  • Missing company files after updating server

What are the primary causes of error: “loading current company file”?

  • Incorrect company file
  • Build or release is dissimilar on all systems in a network
  • Trying to install service release but not the systems
  • When opened workstation prior installing update process
  • Backup was restored on the system failed to have the same release as the backup creation.

How to fix the Sage 50 error loading the current company file?

Walkthrough the below methods to resolve the issue:

Solution 1- Install updates:

Check the server has downloaded updates and updated the company file on a different system. Here are the steps to install the latest updates on the workstation:

  • Locate Services option
  • Give a click on Check for updates tab
  • Hit Check Now
  • Select Download button
  • If there does not appear the download prompt then close the Sage 50 window
  • Give a right-click on the icon named Sage 50 program
  • Choose Run as Administrator
  • Verify updates again and close Sage 50
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install updates

Resolution 2- Open splash screen to fix the issue:

  • You have to give a right-click on the icon named Sage 50
  • Choose Properties button
  • Now outline the target line
  • Press CTRL+C buttons to copy
  • Now close the window which says properties
  • Hit Windows to R keys to open a Run Window
  • Choose the Run line
  • Paste the shortcut target
  • Now at line end and add a space and ABC
  • Hit OK button
  • It will prompt a splash screen
  • Once Sage opens the splash window
  • Now ensure you are opening the right company
  • To block the sage from trying to open the past used company you have to locate the options tab
  • Hit the Start button with the last opened company to delete the checkmark
  • If opened the right company and still the error exist then click on Services
  • Verify updates to download and then install the advanced service release

Resolution3- Restore bad backup:

  • Take another backup
  • Restore it
  • Now use another backup file

Resolution 4- Verify corrupted data files in folder with company files:

To check this you have to make a clean data folder and expendable file cleanup. Follow the below steps:

Step 1- Make a new folder:

  • Ensure that the system is set to display file extensions and hidden files
  • Check the data directory name and location
  • Locate the data path and program path
  • Search to the data path
  • Now inside the data path, you have to make a new folder
  • Give a name by right-clicking on the new folder and choose Rename button
  • Enter the new name
  • Open the actual company data folder
  • Now copy the below files and folder to paste into the newly created folder :
  • KeysBackup folder
  • Version.txt
  • .DAT files
  • KMSKeys.xml
  • Now use the new folder to open the company
  • Check the error is fixed if still get an error then proceed to the further solution

Open the clean data folder to delete expendable DAT files:

  • There are several expendable files those frequently creating issues with folder clutter. Check the clean data folder and search the below files:
  • ATMNTBDL.DAT (attachments will be lost)
  • ATTCHMNT.DAT (attachments will be lost)
  • All.MKD files (search for *.MKD)
  • All.PTR files (search for *.PTR)
  • UserPref.DAT
  • ATTACHMENTS folder (attachments will be lost)
  • All temporary files (search for *temp)
  • Evntcls.dat
  • Jrnlcls.dat
  • All.RPT files (search for *.RPT)
  • RPTDATA.DAT (custom reports will be lost)
  • All “old” files (search for old* and *.old)
  • Now Open the new company folder
  • It prompts display to make new empty files then give a click to Yes button

Help and Support:

Hopefully, the above article helps you to sort out the Sage 50 error loading the current company file. If you still experience the issue then you can take the experts’ advice. Use a live chat or another medium to reach the Sage consultant team to get quality assistance.


How do I make a new folder to paste essential files in Sage 50?

  • Locate the data path
  • Right-click on the blank field
  • Choose New tab and then select folder

How would I show the file extensions, hidden drives, and folders in Sage 50 while fixing errors?

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Give a click on the File Explorer tab
  • Select Show hidden files and folders
  • Give a click on the tab named View at the top of the page
  • Below Advanced Settings
  • Now unselect Hide extensions for known files types
  • Search Hidden files and folders button
  • Give a click on the tab labeled Show hidden files and folders.

What if the update installation prompt failed to display?

In this case, use the manual method to install services release and tax updates. Here are the instructions:

  • First close Sage window
  • Open File Explorer window
  • Search for Updates folder in the data path
  • Browse the latest Tax update or Service Release
  • Choose Run as Administrator 
  • Now follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install the updates
  • Once completed the updates then open Sage
  • Choose Help button
  • Give a click on About Sage 50 to check the update installed

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