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Sage Decline Error Code 00005


When it comes to Accounting Software that helps various scale Business Owners to regulate and organize one’s company accounts with efficiency. No software can beat Sage accounting software, with a combination of features such as cash flow, invoicing, and more.

 Although the software’s security is strong and secure, Sage occasionally encounters errors like any other software. The following blog is to help understand and resolve the decline error code.

If a dialogue box saying “Error Code 00005: Transaction has been Declined” pops up on the screen then it is indicating a bank transaction error. Here, the bank declines your card and you are barred from making any kind of transaction.

What is Sage Decline Error Code 00005?

The particular error can also be defined as a bank decline error. It occurs when the payment made by the users involving any product, through Sage software using the credit card has not been accepted by the bank leaving the transaction process incomplete.

The Error Code can occur due to the following reasons. Take a look:

The following causes will help you understand the problem better and resolve it accurately.

A. Sage Decline Code 00005 is caused by a damaged Windows system or file.

B.  A major reason can be the unfinished installation and uninstallation process of any software.

C. A very common reason can be that there is a lack of sufficient funds to carry out the transaction.

D. Can also be due to invalid CVV, mistake while entering the card number.

E. Some problem with the expiration date or some inaccuracy in any information in relation to the credit card.

F. An application or hardware was not properly deleted.

G. if the user did not follow the bank guidelines properly. The necessary changes have not been carried out by the account holder.

H. There is a sudden shutdown of the system or some power cut.

  1. Computer recovery from any malware or virus.

How to Fix Sage Decline Error Code 00005?

The solutions mentioned below are to solve the error code 00005, by following the steps accurately:

Solution 1: Repair Utility Tool Kit for Sage

  1. For the very first step, browse to the Start button of your computer. And then hit on Programs.
  2. From the Programs grid, then click on Accessories, after that select System Tools, and then Submit system repair.
  3. An option will appear saying, “Restore my system to a previous time”, select the same.
  4. From this option choose and check the repair of my system, and then proceed by clicking on Next.
  5. Now the user will receive a verification page, hit on Next.
  6. After the subsequent step, the restoration will be complete.
  7. Once the restoration is done, Now proceed to reboot your system.
  8. There is a need to download the Sage Utility Tool Kit by the user to solve this problem.
  9. Once the installation process is complete, now hit on the tab Scan. This will start scanning the file. 
  10. Now perform a scan for any possible virus. Reboot the system after this process.
  11. The user can now connect to the bank account and the bank requires being well-versed.

Solution 2: Sage Decline Payment- advanced computer user solution

  1. Start the system, and Now, log in as the Administrator.
  2. From the start button, Select the tab All Programm.
  3. After the subsequent step, from the grid Click on Accessories and hit on System Tools.
  4. Now, browse the cursor and select Submit System Restore.
  5. Pop on the screen will appear, saying “Restore” my system to a previous time option.
  6. Click on the same, and go and press on Next.
  7. After this step, a confirmation window will appear, hit on Next.
  8. Now that you’ve confirmed the same, the Restoration process will start.
  9. Once the process is done.
  10. For the Final step, Restart your system properly.


The above-mentioned blog is laid out to put out the right and optimum information about how to carry forward the process of removing the Decline Error Code 00005 and take out the transaction smoothly.

If you are stuck with any issues or have doubts about how to remove the declining error and proceed with the transaction, you can get in touch with the customer helpdesk. The team members are skilled and are available at the earliest.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the Sage Error Code 00005 Is also known as the Generic Bank/Decline Error?

Yes, this Error Code 00005, is commonly known as Generic Bank/Decline Error. Mainly indicating that the intended transaction carried out by the user has been blocked by the generic bank due to a number of possible reasons.

2. Can this error occur if there is an improper or immediate uncut shutdown of the system?

The Sage Error Code 00005, takes place due to many reasons. But, it can occur due to an improper shutting down of the system. Make sure you carry out the shutting down process accurately to avoid this.

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