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Sage Error 5006 0X80004005


Sage software simplifies business accounting tasks and provides business insights. The software helps in analyzing transactions made every day. You can connect Sage software to a payroll system, which will help you manage all of your financial tasks and taxes accurately.

Despite being a promising accounting software, sage can encounter errors just like any other software. 

You can connect Sage software to a payroll system, which will help you manage all of your financial tasks and taxes accurately. However, when integrated with payroll if a dialogue box says, “Unable to redirect to the vendor’s web site. The Vendor failed to provide a Redirection URL”. Then it indicates that you are facing Sage Error 5006 0X80004005. 

What is the error 5006 0X80004005?

When using Sage payroll accounting software in the terminal server environment, while installing Sage software payroll. This is a common error encountered by the user. It also continues with the MySQL notifications. 

Why does this error occur?

Sage Error 5006 0X80004005  occurs when you attempt but fail to access the Vendor’s website. Because the vendor fails to provide a redirection URL, it is impossible to redirect the website.

Resolve Sage Error 5006 0X80004005, with the following steps:

Listed below are a few methods by which you can resolve the following error. Take up the steps properly to avoid errors.

Method 1: MySQL Event Viewer

If you get a prompt text over the Event Viewer Windows, take up the steps mentioned below-

  1. For the ODBC Connectors, proceed to uninstall and then again reinstall them.
  2. Browse and look for any new updates, if any immediately install the given updates.

Method 2: By Disabling the Intervention Gates Temporarily for Installation

  1. For the first step, Sign into the system as the Administrator.
  2. Now after the subsequent step, proceed to Disable the firewall.
  3. Now, disable the antivirus temporarily on the Windows OS.
  4. Any synchronized scanner is required to be disabled too. If installed.
  5. For the next step, proceed to Run the installation process again.
  6. From the local Desktop grid, Right-click on the installation downloaded file.
  7. Click on Run as Administrator as the alternative.
  8. After this step, hit on Start to start the User Account Control.
  9. Now, disable the User Account Control.
  10. Proceed to Restart the computer, and install the setup once again.

Method 3: Only install the setup in install mode

  1. As for the first step, Go to the Start Option.
  2. Hit on the option Control Panel.
  3. Now from the Control Panel grid, proceed and click on Add/Remove Programs.
  4. For the next step Select Add New Programs.
  5. After the subsequent step, choose CD or Floppy and then Click Next and hit on Browse.
  6. Now, you need to change Files to Type All Files from this option.
  7. For the final step, proceed to browse and choose the file naming Setup.exe, and then, at last, Click on Open.


The above-mentioned blog is laid out to put out the right and optimum information about how to carry forward the process of removing the Sage Error 5006 0X80004005, it is recommended that you close all other running applications during the execution of the setup process. This blog has provided all the necessary causes and the correct methods to resolve the same. 

If you are stuck with any issues or have doubts about how to remove the Dependency failed error, you can get in touch with the customer helpdesk. The team members are skilled and are available at the earliest.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible that the Sage Error 5006 0X80004005 provides notifications concerning MySQL?

Yes, the error continues with MySql notifications. And this can be resolved with the MySQL Event Viewer.

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