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Sage Error 6002


How to Resolve Sage Error 6002

Sage 50 had some unexpected errors while being installed. Make sure you have a current Sage 50 software update to ensure a smooth working program. When new updates are released, it is always recommended that you go through the download and install process. Many issues were addressed by Sage users when starting the installation and Sage error 6002 is one among them. Try to resolve this error at your end, and if you need any help, connect with our experts.

What does Sage Error 6002 mean?

This error is typically seen during the Windows installation process and it’s code name is “Setup 6002: Error.” There are many reasons why an error may occur. Some of the most common include improper shutdown, attack of Malware and virus infection, corrupt or damaged setting of CD/DVD/Drive, and more.

Reasons for Sage Error 6002

To troubleshoot Sage API errors, it is always important to check all possible causes before we try to move to solutions. Let’s jump into the jotted down reasons that Sage API error 6002: Setup has experienced an error:

  • Multiple times users face an error due to network performance.
  • Virus infection and malware attack
  • If some files are mistakenly deleted/removed by users
  • When users try to logout, they might get an error because the process of quitting is improper
  • Hardware or CPU issue
  • Encrypted or damaged file system
  • When Plug & Play is not available
  • Broken trays, broken trays, and other several reasons

Here is how you should fix Sage error 6002

Before you move to advanced solutions, make sure you check these common fixes.

  • Close background programs
  • Keep a check on internet connectivity and then empty the temporary folder:
  • You should shut down your system properly
  • Download a powerful antivirus program to your system
  • Deleting the important files during installation is prohibited
  • Restore fix system files
  • You must install your software with the latest version in order to be effective.
  • Install and upgrade the framework.Net 4.0 manually
  • Use Windows programs remotely. Switch off or disconnect any USB devices. The user must have admin access to the device.
  • Administrator must disable UAC to successfully install this software.
  • You can install and run the program as Administrator after you’ve successfully completed the process.


As you have downloaded Microsoft .NET Framework, follow the instructions for wizards for installation. Still, have questions? We believe the given steps would help you reole your queries. Still if the peroblem, persists, get in touch with our experts. Our skilled experts would assist you in the best possible manner.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. While installing Sage, how can I disable User Account Control

You can turn off the UAC Security feature on Windows for troubleshooting purposes. If you’ve done the troubleshooting, you must turn UAC back on because it offers important security during normal use.

  • You have to close all the software
  • Click on Windows + X keys and then control panel
  • Click on the User Accounts >> Change User Account Control Settings
  • Take a note of current settings
  • Next choose “Never Notify “and then Yes
  • You need to restart your PC

Can you install the framework.Net 4.0 to resolve Sage Error 6002

  • Select Miscellaneous updates
  • Next click on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 >> Download
  • Keep a note on the downloaded files and then save it
  • Look in for an appropriate location to save the file
  • Click on save

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