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Sage Installation Error 1618

Sage Installation Error 1618

Sage 50 Error 1618

The Sage error 1618 occurs on the system when you are making an attempt to do the Sage installation on your computer or laptop. It is of no concern whether you are installing the system in a normal manner or installing the version which is upgraded to Sage 50 on your computer or laptop. This error is caused when a simultaneous installation is also trying to run on the same computer and it is trying to use the exact file that is needed during the Sage 50 installation.

On your computer screen, you will encounter an error message. This message will read as- Error: -1618 another installation is already in Progress. To avoid this message you can wait for the other installation to be completed before you proceed with this installation.

You have to ensure that two installations don’t simultaneously happen on your system. If one installation is going on then you need to wait for it to complete and then go on and begin the installation of the Sage 50 software. 

Here, in this blog below we have tried to provide you with its causes, symptoms, solutions, etc. Let us now begin with the blog so that you can find quick fixes for your problem.

What exactly are the symptoms for Error code 1618 to occur on your screen?

Written below are a few symptoms that inform you that something is wrong with the installation or an error is going to interrupt the process of your installation.

These symptoms that can cause the issue are mentioned here:-

  1. Freezing of your windows system
  2. When you attempt to install Sage 50 system crashes
  3. Cannot start 
  4. The Error message presented repeatedly on the screen.

Create a backup for your data:

You must first take backup of your data before you start with any solution. This helps you to restore data if the things you do are not done.

What are the main reasons and causes of the Sage error 1618 to occur?

  1. Because of a failure of the OS.
  2. It was corrupted and damaged the window system file.
  3. Corrupted or various causes for this error file entries.
  4. The issue may occur on your system during installation and reinstallation of the software.
  5. Issue of apps and hardware. Spyware and malware get infected on the system because of viruses.

Before beginning the reinstalling process ensure to create a backup for your files. Use the following steps to create the backup:-

  1. In the main menu, click on the file option in Sage
  2. Then choose the Backup option in the drop-down menu
  3. You must then click the Next button to move forward
  4. Click the Next button one more time and choose all data files.
  5. Save the data backup file for the locality.
  6. Click the Next button after ensuring that the location is selected.
  7. Click Finish, 
  8. After finishing, click on the OK button. 
  9. Lastly, Click on the Finish button.

Resolution and Quick Fixes of Sage 50 Error code 1618

Installation Error Sage 50 Error Code 1618. This mistake arises while another installation is already under way. In the following methods this problem can be resolved:

Quick fix I – Full update for Windows

  1. When a Windows update is underway and you are attempting to run the installation process simultaneously, then the update process is completed first.
  2. In case of running, halt or shut up any other installs.
  3. Start your machine again.

Quick fix II – End the Microsoft Installer Process Manually

  1. Start with the Ctrl+Alt+Del key to start your task manager.
  2. Choose the Tab Process
  3. Click on the Processes section in the lower left corner
  4. Search for the example under the Image name called MSIEXEC.EXE.
  5. Click on “Finish”
  6. Upon completion of the process start Sage 50 installation

3. Quick fix III-

  1. Click on Task Manager and hold Strl+Alt&Del.
  2. To go to the Process Register, click on Processes
  3. The operating system was unsuccessful.
  4. The file in the windows system was corrupted and corrupted.
  5. Corrupted entries in the file or for numerous causes.
  6. The issue may arise on their system during the installation and reinstallation of the software.
  7. Hardware and apps issue. Spyware and malware have been infected with the system because of viruses. On the left bottom, all the users.
  8. Write Msiexec, and then click Finish.
  9. Install wise 50, once again.


A common mistake with Sage accounting products is the above-mentioned mistake “Sage Error Code 1618.” You can contact us and we will make all efforts to remedy the issue if you have any need for resources or information collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mention below the main cause and reasons of Sage Error code 1618?

A corrupt Window System file is a problem for Sage 1618 (MSIEXEC.EXE). It mostly harms the execution file, which requires improved conditions in order to avoid inaccurate information.

2. How am I supposed to manually end the process of Microsoft Installer?

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to locate the task manager
  2. Select the option to proceed
  3. Find the left corner and hit the display option
  4. Search for the MSIEXEC instance.
  5. EXE under the name of the image
  6. End of the process
  7. Once the process is over, start Sage 50 installation.

3. Mention below the fastest method to fix the error code 1618?

  1. Open and click on the buttons CTRL+Alt+Del together
  2. Hit on the Task Manager
  3. Find out about the MSIEXEC.exe
  4. Finally, click on the End Process button

4. How can the Windows

Installer be verified while fixing error code 1618?

  1. Login in the Administrator mode
  2. Locate option for my computer
  3. Discover the location of the C Drive C:\Drive,C:\WINDOWS\system32 
  4. Find the file.exe
  5. Right click on the file to reach the drop down menu
  6. In the drop down menu Click on Properties option
  7. Please select the release.
  8. Check the latest system version
  9. If an obsolete version exists, immediately hit Update
  10. Turn the system on again

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