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Solution for QuickBooks Reinstalling

Solution for QuickBooks Reinstalling

QuickBooks Error


QuickBooks is a unique accounting solution meant for providing efficiency to all accountants and non accountants alike. This accounting software may sometimes need to be reinstalled on a user’s system. Mostly, due to missing or corrupt files, users need to uninstall and reinstall the software if the repair option does not work. Fortunately, with our RepairContact’s solutions for QuickBooks reinstalling, you can easily get this accounting software uninstalled and then installed on your system.

Reasons for Reinstalling QuickBooks:

  • Corrupt Files
  • Missing Files

How Can Files Go Missing or Get Damaged?

There are many factors that can cause problems while using QuickBooks.

Unexpected Shutdown

If while using, QuickBooks or your system shuts down unexpectedly, then this can cause a damage to the files in QuickBooks . Some essential parts of particular files get damaged as data isn’t stored properly. Hence, these files need to be removed and replaced. Unfortunately, spotting each and every damaged file can be difficult, and thus reinstalling the software is the best option available to the user.

Malicious Software

Many malicious software such as virus, ransomware and malware are known to change the structure of files in QuickBooks . Especially when dealing with ransomware, it is important for users to format their entire disk. Ransomware usually encrypt the files in a user’s system. The encryption key is only known to the creator of the ransomware. Hence, the files are permanently locked and have to be removed.

Security Software

Sometimes, security software can mistake a normal file or program as a malicious one. In such scenarios, the files are quarantined by the security software. You can add files related to QuickBooks as exception in your security software. After this, you can either recover the files through the security software or reinstall the QuickBooks.

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Repairing QuickBooks

Repairing QuickBooks is an easy process. All you need is the setup for your version of QuickBooks . After this, you can launch the setup and select the repair option. If a significant amount of files have been damaged or deleted, then you should consider reinstalling instead of repairing the software.

Repairing Through the Control Panel:

  1. Log into Windows with an administrator account.
  2. Go to the Control Panel.
  3. Select Programs and Features.
  4. Click on QuickBooks and Select Repair.

After the repair process is complete, restart your system. This repair operation will only work if only a few files have been damaged.

Uninstalling QuickBooks

To uninstall QuickBooks, you can follow the aforementioned steps and select Uninstall instead of Repair. The software, along with all the files, except the company file, will be deleted. The company file and configuration files are not deleted when uninstalling the software. These files contain the accounting data and preferences of the user. Hence, you can later install a fresh copy and simply import these files.

Once the copy of QuickBooks has been uninstalled, you can get the setup for QuickBooks and install a fresh copy on your system. Setup can be either downloaded from Intuit’s website or a DVD of the same can be purchased. Installation process is simple. You need administrative privileges to install the program on your system.

Also, you can start fresh or import the company and configuration files from the old copy. These files are not deleted when the software is uninstalled. 

Note: We recommend that you create a backup of the company file and the configuration file before uninstalling the software.

RepairContact QuickBooks Technical Support

Our QuickBooks technical assistance team is available round the clock to help users in reinstalling QuickBooks . Our QuickBooks helpdesk will make sure that all files are recovered and that all user preferences are restored once the installation is complete.  To know more, feel free to contact QuickBooks technical helpdesk at ✆+1-855-548-3395(Toll Free.)

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