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The Sage 50 Data Server Has Been Updated

The Sage 50 Data Server Has Been Updated

Sage 50 Data Server Has Been Updated

Sage 50 Data Server Has Been Updated

This is an error that you may face when you are trying to install a service release or while you try to install an update on the workstation first. Or you may update it on the server computer and then the workstation and one of them is not working. After the update is done when you try to install the Sage once again you may face some errors. In this post, you will find a resolution to all these issues.

Why does Sage 50 Data Server Has Been Updated error occur?

There may be several reasons as to why Sage 50 data server has been updated errors occur. Some of those reasons are mentioned below:-

  • When you were upgrading from a previous version at that time some files were not properly updated
  • Peachw.exe runs in multiple instances.
  • The hard is not working as efficiently
  • Run as administrator is the executable file.
  • You have not signed into the client computer with the administrator account
  • Server does not have service release installed
  • When you installed the server the service release did not upgrade
  • Installing the release of a wrong operation
  • Ini file was not formatted properly
  • The server was upgraded but the workstations are still using the last version.

How do you identify Sage 50 updates?

If you want to know if the Sage 50 is having updates or not then you can follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Go to your Sage 50 software.
  2. Click on the Services tab.
  3. Now select the option Check for Updates.
  4. Click on Check Now.
  5. Download all updates that you see and after that, you can close Sage 50 which will install the updates.

How to troubleshoot for the Sage 50 data server update error?

There are a couple of solutions to encounter Sage 50 data server update errors. Look below for all the possible solutions:

Solution 1 Update was not installed on the server

  • Go to Sage 50 accounting at the server
  • Look for the help menu and click on it
  • Tap on About Sage 50 Accounting

1. The installed version is listed on the release line in release 2013

2. The version you are currently using is described on the build line in release 2014

  • You will know the application has been updated when you see the build or release pop up
  • Now close the Sage software
  • The service release install will start by itself
  • Confirm that the update is enabled on the workstation

Solution 2 The DATAPATH & LOCAL DATA PATH does not match with the server

  • After you close sage go to file explorer
  • Locate path:C then go to program files and then common files or peach if you are using 32-bit system
  • If you are using a 2019 version or above the INI file is located at C: / Program data/Sage
  • Next, open the configuration file for the current version of sage 50 that you are using.
  • Both these paths should fit if not then uninstall and reinstall sage
  • Select location is given by the DATAPATH and then you need to reinstall the update
  • Verify if the update is installed in the workstation or not

If still, the problem persists then you can go on to the next solution

Solution 3 Incorrect data path at workstation or server

  • If the data path is not correct then change the path to the right path
  • Now, you need to re-run the update
  • If the data path was not correct then uninstall and reinstall
  • Install the update on both the workstation as well as the server


Hopefully, you found the solution for the Sage data server if not then you can contact our sage support team for the best ways to tackle the issue. You can contact the technical support at the sage or contact the Sage customer support number.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions (FAQs)

Why does the Sage 50 not open?

With the sage 50 software, you can make your life easier by using sage 50 for all your accounting transactions and bookkeeping operations. Like all software out there Sage also comes with its drawbacks and external technical issues. If there is any update available for the sage then you should update your software. As any software that is without an update stays outlined.

What is the Sage 50 error 1712?

 If your screen is showing you the sage 50 error 1712 then it may be because of the failure in operations of your system. There are some reasons that contribute to this failure. If there is an incorrect installation of software or incorrect un-installation then this error may prevail. Virus or malware interference on your system. If previously your system was not shut down properly then you may face this issue. Files missing from the company file or register entry can also cause the sage 50 error 1712.

What is the Sage error code AUSE001?

Hardware and application issues can also result in this error. Improper deletion of any file and an improper shutdown can cause this. Invalid card number or invalid CVV number or insufficient balance or expiry date on the card. Malware or virus attacks on your system can also result in an AUSE001 error.

What is the Sage 50 File system error 3110?

The Sage 50 file system error 3110 can occur due to a loss of network connection between the server and workstation while running Sage 50. Window power plan setting and rebooting the server can also cause this error. Unplugged network routers and junk data or damaged network cables can cause these errors. A weak internet connection can also cause the error. 

What is the runtime error in the sage?

The user can face sage runtime error 429 while he is trying to run a report in Accpac.

This error is also called runtime error 429 pastel partners, sage runtime error 429, payroll runtime error 429, pastel error 429 ActiveX error. Sage error 429 ActiveX is caused when some of the .dll’s are not installed or unregistered. Or damaged in the operating system.

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